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005 – RESET 2014

005 – RESET 2014

Now that we have come to the end of 2013 and eagerly awaiting 2014 with lots of expectations, dreams and hope for breakthroughs from either prophesies, dreams or luck. Whichever you believe in, here is my little piece to help as success and breakthroughs happen when preparation meets opportunity. The truth is that things will only change when we change. Let’s look at RESET.

R – Review
Review year 2013! Though it feels out of place here but the first step I will suggest is gratitude. Be grateful for life and all the achievements, no matter how little you believe you have achieved. If you can’t think of anything else, then the ability to read this is a great blessing. Then take a piece of paper and run through these questions and answer them as honestly as possible. Be as frank as possible, do this in a quiet place and be sure not deceive yourself as self-deceit is the worst deceit. What happened that was very good? What wasn’t? Who have I allowed into my life this year? What was their impact? What business deals worked and what did not work?

E – Explore
Now that you have reminded yourself of the full story of 2013, its time to explore or research how to deal with all the issues and deficiencies discovered by the short exercise in the “Review” step above. I agree with Jim Rohn, a great American Philosopher/Speaker that we live in one of the best times; a time when many people who have been here before have been kind enough to write their stories, both good and bad. A lot can be learnt from these stories and a lot much more can be achieved as “success leaves clues”. Get the books, videos, cassettes, articles, podcasts, audiobooks whatever you can lay your hands on and use them. Study, make notes, go back to them and ensure you understand them fully. This exercise will surely change the way you think which will determine what you become. As the Holy Bible says, “as a man thinks, so is he”. This will help build the foundations for the next step.

S – Set Goals
After the “Explore” step, it is time to set goals! What do I need to do to achieve in the new life that I dream of? Again get a pen and paper, write down your goals. Things have more weight when written down.
a. What do you want to achieve?
State this clearly, so that it is clear to anybody who reads it. Don’t be vague. Ensure there is a way to confirm that it has been achieved especially if it is a self-improvement goal like reading more or improving your relationships.
b. When do you want to achieve it?
Set a date for the accomplishing all the goals. Set some short term and long term goals and be realistic but set goals that will challenge you. If it does not demand more hard work, dedication, perseverance and more, then change will not come. Remember, it’s your life and its serious business.
c. Why do you want to achieve this?
This is the power house of all the goals you will set and the secret of self-motivation. Think about this, when you are exercising, it’s not fun, is it? But when you think of the reason, you persevere because that is the way to keep fit, healthy and live longer. There are lots of reasons to find; better relationship, better job, my own business, more money. Whatever your reason, it’s most motivating when it has to do with other people, especially the people you love. Again write this down!

E – Execute
Time for action! Take the decision to act and recognise that whatever your life is and will become is a consequence of your deliberate actions. Start with a plan! Brian Tracy, the great speaker and author say we do not plan to fail but fail to plan. Write down your plan! Wouldn’t it be funny that your boss turns up to find out how you will deliver a £2 million project and find that your plan is only your head! Of course, you will lose that job! If you can’t do this at work or in a contract, why would you do this with your life which is worth even more? Define and commit to some values that will surely take you to your destination. Look at these: “Always do more than you are paid for” – Jim Rohn. “You will get everything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar. Ask for help from your God and then go to work! Work hard, be outstanding, and go beyond what you would do now! Execute like a lion going for prey; deaf to distractions and determined to strike successfully. Hunger is the lion’s motivation here, so it is important that you are hungry for greater heights. How bad do you want change? Whatever your answer, execute with that motivation. Do not forget to rest and re-charge often, even God rested after creation. Always remember that failure, disappointments and mistakes are just events and does not define the person. Learn the lessons, determine to change, look ahead but never, never, ever give up!

T – Track
Finally track, always go back to your notes and check how you are doing? Again start with thanks giving and appreciation of all the improvement you have achieved in your life. It is important to be truthful in your assessment. Give yourself a pat on the back where you achieve or surpass a goal and go back to step 1 where you have not. Stay focused and remember that your life history being written right now. Think about this “When you die, and all the people you know die, if there is nothing to remember you by, then your life would have been worth nothing”. It’s your choice!!

I leave you with the words of Jim Rohn: “When your history book is fully written, let it show failures and your successes, but let it not show that you never tried”!

Here is to your success and a ground breaking year – 2014 — Cheers

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