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010 – Happy Easter

010 – Happy Easter

As we celebrate this Easter and talk about resurrection, I thought it will be a great chance to talk about our life’s purpose and the urgency. Many of us are sleepwalking through life and ignoring the main reason why we were put in our family and on earth!

Let’s take time today to ask and answer these questions. Time waits for nobody, today’s a great day to start! We have no control of tomorrow. And you don’t need any permission to take the responsibility and pursue your dreams.

The Easter message is that Jesus died and rose again, the only RESURRECTION waiting is YOURS!

What business?, what impact?, what ministry?, whatever it is, find YOURS. If you don’t, your life will not be worth it in the end! It’s ok to help others realise their dreams but YOURS should be top priority. Stop suppressing your gift in favour of other’s. Resurrect that dream, that vision and YOUR gifts & talents.

Let’s make our lives count by answering the call today as time is flying, it’s not too late! That way at the end of it all, you will be celebrated forever.

Again this is to your success, HAPPY EASTER! 

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All the best and happy Easter!