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I thought it will help if I share with you in this article, one thing I found extremely difficult in the past.


It’s the ability to make a choice especially when there are so many options that look very similar.


This is a very important subject as success and breakthrough are results of the quality of decisions you make every day.


To solve this problem, I have extensively researched and identified some steps which I have tested and come to trust.


So let us dive in:


1.     Define Your Ethics

Ethics are rules of conduct or moral principles.


What is right? What is wrong? Whatever decision you are faced with will require different types of behaviour and activities.


It is therefore necessary that you have defined professional, personal, social and even spiritual ethics. These are your boundaries and if pre-defined, it is easy to know what options fit.


This is the foundation of great decisions build yours today and stick to it.


Be strict about it and let people in your network know your boundaries, this will reduce the number of proposals you get.

Remember what they say, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for nothing!”


2.     Define Your Values

What really matters to you? What is worth what for you?  These will form your values.


Ensure you have defined values. This is different for all of us, e.g. for some wealth is how much you’re worth, for other it’s how much you can give away.


If you have defined values, then when faced with decisions, it is easy to choose what has the highest value to you.


Don’t wait till you get there define them today.


3.     Research the Options

It is necessary that you seek information on the options you are faced with.


Talk to people who know better; in most cases you will find that they have passed through similar challenges.


Read books, use Google , YouTube etc. and assume nothing! In some cases physical investigation will be required, go and do it.


Ensure that every decision is based on facts and convictions. Even if it is the wrong decision in the end, at least you will have made an informed decision.


The amount of research should be determined by the values you attach to the decision in hand.


4.     Resist Pressure

When making decisions, it is critical that you ignore any pressure. Ensure you are ready before you decide.


If you are not ready with your answer and you are pressured to decide, simply say “NO”! Most decisions made under pressure are wrong so don’t fall for this.


People who don’t recognise the fact that you need time to make decision are either selfish or fraudulent. Again if you are pressured, say “NO”!


5.     Trust Your Gut Instinct

Finally, we come to this one most disregarded tip in the fast moving lives we live today, the “still small voice”.


We all have it and the truth is, “it’s got your back”! You can benefit from it if you are a good listener.


And to hear clearly, you need some time by yourself.


It works differently for individuals so find what works for you. It could be meditation, prayers, a long walk, exercise even a bath.


Listen and your will hear.


Hopefully you read the article to this line. This is no guarantee that you will not make wrong decision but drastically reduces the chances of getting it wrong.



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Again, this is to your success… go and make great decisions!!


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