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10 Principles of Wealth – How to Create Wealth and Keep It

10 Principles of Wealth – How to Create Wealth and Keep It

Most people dream to get wealth hence the most asked question is “What are the principles of Wealth?”

In this piece, I share some lessons I have learnt from some of the very successful people living today. Feel free to suggest more so we can make it more comprehensive.

Without much ado, let us go through them:

1. Let Go Of The Past

I believe this is first principle of wealth because to achieve wealth is surely a change in direction. Therefore it is necessary that you forget the things; mis-fortunes, failures and perceptions of the past.

Please do not take this to mean, forgeting the key lessons from the past. No, hold on to the lessons but spare no thought about how things used to be in your former world by putting in lots of effort in renewing your mind.

That is the only way you can forget the past and see yourself as a brand new person on a mission – to achieve your dream wealth !

2. Be a Person of Integrity and Sincerity

To achieve lasting wealth, it is important that you make a decision to operate from a place of integrity and sincerity.

Always honour your word, and avoid lying, cheating and seeking loopholes that you can take advantage of. Remember that loopholes can be closed and the wealth will vanish before you know it.

If you find yourself today in a place where you have broken agreements or cheated in the past, find a way to say sorry. Rebuild the broken relationships and you will surely be on your way to creating lasting wealth.

3. Create of Picture of Your Dream Life – Goal Setting 

Another key principle of wealth is the creation of a picture of the life you dream of. Visualise the things you want to come into your life exactly the way you would want it.

A very good tool to implement this principle is the “Story Board”

  • It is simple, create a space at a location at home where you can see it everyday.
  • Cut and paste pictures of the things you wish for in your life.
  • Done!

Be sure to create goals or pictures that will be worth it in the end because many people have achieved a level of wealth that has destroyed them.

4. Create Affirmations

Affirmations are statements that define your desired life. Whatever you desire (in this case wealth); write it down and repeat everyday or as often as negative thoughts attack your mind.

By doing this, these positive live dreams will be planted in your subconscious mind. Unfortunately, if you have negative affirmations, the process is the same and you will get negative results.

Affirmations are powerful and effective because they program your mind just like the codes program the computers.

Here is one to use whenever poverty and lack comes into your mind: “Abundant wealth is coming to me”! Create similar affirmations for other things you want to come into your life.

5. Decide to be a Giver !

All the philosophers agree on this one, it’s call Karma.

Whatever you give away comes back to you. This is great isn’t it? Especially if it is limited to the good things we give alone, but no, both good and bad are included.

Therefore, decide today to give great things consciously and greater things will come back to you.

Deliberately seek ways to help people around you, the community you live in and the organisation you work for.

6. Only Quality People (OQP)

I learnt this one from Les Brown, the great motivational speaker.

Surround yourself with a powerful team.

  • Build a network of like minded individuals
  • Seek a mentor who has achieved your dream wealth.
  • Join a mastermind group
  • Get rid of toxic people from your life !

7. Take Responsibility

Whatever you want to achieve in life including wealth, is your responsibility.

You are the only person that will make it happen for yourself. People may help but you have to ask for help.

Wake up everyday and say to yourself; I can do it and it is all up to me !

Dreaming is not enough; in the words of the great Tony Robbins: “You must take massive action to achieve it”

8. Decide to Invest Your Money

If it does not yield any returns to you, then don’t do it!

It is necesary that you understand the difference between investing and spending and also assets and liabilities. Simply put, asset creates wealth and liabilities destroy it.

Always ensure that your assets are way greater than the liabilities. Seek opportunities that will create passive income and then scale it.

Finally study the power of compound interest, Warren Buffet the American Billionaire is a huge fan.

9. Persevere

If you will ever achieve wealth, you must perservere.

Since you have set goals, persistently work on it. This one is key because the world is not a bed of roses with kings and queens waiting to serve you. No !

You will be beaten, duped, taken advantage of and even fail. Despite these things, refuse to give up your dream and surely you will achieve it.

10. Teach Others How to Get Wealth

One of the key points above is “Mentorship”

As you learn and get wealthier, make yourself available to help others in their journey. Be open and make people aware that you are willing to help.

Intentionally look for interviews where these dreamers exist and connect with them. This has helped me a lot in my journey so I have added it here so that when you achieve wealth, you will not forget. That way, the ripple effect will be unending.

I hope you picked up a few things from this article. Feel free to share with your friends, if you believe they will benefit. And leave comments and suggestions below. It will be great to hear from you. Thank you !!

To your success..