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101: The Danger of Timing Your Success

101: The Danger of Timing Your Success

Warriors, it is with great pleasure that I come your way again this week with the message; the danger of timing your success !

As some of you may know already, I run a business by the same name Unchained Warrior where we manufacture fitness trackers and health supplements as part of our mission to unchain  1 billion warriors to live to their full potential.

So as every good business does, we have just come to the end of Quarter 1 of 2018 and it was time to assess how we have done against the targets we set at the start of the year. I must say that it was not an easy and fun exercise as we did not meet most of our targets for this time period.


So as the leader of the organisation, I had to spend some time thinking about how we got here. In the end, I agreed with the team that although we have not met our set targets in terms of sales and the numbers, that we have done a lot of work on implementing our 2018 strategy which will form a bedrock for prosperity for the rest of the year.


The most striking outcome of the thought session was the fact that my expectation is for the business to succeed to a certain level in a certain period of time which I thought is very shallow and that is the reason I am bringing you this message today because I know that most people will be in the same situation now.


Success will not always happen in the time-span we have given it, it is called life, it is called business. You plan and succeed sometimes but other times you don’t. The amazing fact is that contrary to our plan, sometimes we tend to achieve a lot more than expected in a very short period and this will compensate for the lost days..

My call to action today on the danger of timing your success is;



If you are feeling low about the stage you are at, this year in you life, relationship and business, please don’t despair but ignore the pace of success and keep working on all areas of your dreams. One day very soon, you will find yourself going much faster than expected if you continue working hard.

Just like every human who has set out to make this year groundbreaking, it is OK to be frustrated but decide to stay fired up and enthusiastic about this year and keep working until you succeed in all areas.


It is possible that you will hit all your targets this year, and now that you know that we are all in this together, let’s go back to work until we succeed. 2018 is still our year!!

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Abundant Blessings to you!!

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Call to action:

So please do this today, start trying more, start experimenting more.. Have you abandoned a project prematurely lately? Go back to and keep experimenting until you find a way to succeed.

This is how to achieve greatness with experimentation.

Abundant blessing to you !!

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