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102: Let a Mastermind Turn you into a Masterpiece

102: Let a Mastermind Turn you into a Masterpiece

This week I would like to speak to you about the power of a mastermind.  Let a Mastermind Turn you into a Masterpiece

Masterminds is just like partying with the best people and we all know that Success and Prosperity from partying with the best…

We don’t know it all as individuals but when like minds meet something magical happens; ideas are born, blockers are removed and unimaginable milestones are hit.

Before launching this podcast, I had the pleasure of masterminding with Chris Thatcher of the Fit for Purpose Podcast and Tom Board from NeuroJitsu. I couldn’t have launched at all without the help of these great people: the name, the messaging and goals, they both helped me to fine tune these and I am forever grateful to them.

Earlier this week I spend time with a group of #Linkybrainers in London in what was an amazing meetup.

So many lessons learned and some of my personal philosophies were challenged which is quite interesting as these misconceptions can hold us back most times.

Here are some of the lessons learned.

Ability to speed chat: we had just one hour to sped chat with each of 10 individuals.

Creativity as an emerging intellectual power as Artificial Intelligence takes over most process tasks.

Social project investment models and platforms: some of us want to make a change in the world, this was a masterclass on how to do this.

Positivity of failure perceived and positioned correctly

Transformation: Doing it right from changing mindsets to understanding the organisations products and culture.

Skills for Scaling Organisations

Big thanks to Scott Bushell for arranging and to Chris, Walid, Emma and Henry who were really key to some of learnings on the day.

Call to action:

If you are serious about success;
form a MASTERMIND; a group of likeminded people today around your area of interest: use Facebook,, LinkedIn and whatever else is out there..

And you will find that just the spending time with such groups can propel you to massive success!

Let a mastermind turn you in to a masterpiece!

Abundant blessings to you!

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