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103: Developing the Mindset of Greatness

103: Developing the Mindset of Greatness

Developing the Mindset for Greatness

Mindset is everything, Warriors

1. Understand That You Are a Warrior

You are endowed with seeds of greatness and unbelievable talents but only if you will try to find out what it is for you. When you find this out and really work towards it, you will be shocked at your outcomes. The good news is that it is never too late to discover your talents and start deploying them.

2. Recognise That There You Have No Limits

If you are like me, I used to think that greatness and some level of success is reserved to a certain group of people from certain backgrounds. No, greatness is open for all. It is out there for the people who are willing to pay the dues and work for it.

3. Develop Your Talents

Warriors, an undeveloped talent continues to be just potential which is useless. Just like the natural resources still buried underground. Study; do formal and informal education. Read books, listen to podcast, watch some fantastic YouTube videos and get mentorship

4. Develop the Habits of Greatness

Only Quality People: Time Planning: Plan your days and weeks ahead. Do not plan for today, TODAY. Look after your body (exercise (30minutes at least per day s recommended and check-ups (like for cars) to find out what is lacking in your body and take health supplements to support and we manufacture some of the best with fantastic feedback. Nothing will save you from illness if you neglect your body and no matter how wealthy you become; if you are sick, it is nothing. Find opportunities to lead and mentor, serve also)

5. Toughen up for failures

You will fail… It’s now about how many times you are knocked down by failure, but how many times we rise up In the end you will not be judged by the obstacles that stopped you but by your achievements despite the obstacles. Train yourself to be rock solid in the face of failures and disappointments and view failure as what they are: Stepping Stones to greatness.

Abundant blessings to you!

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