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106: Your Location and Your Success – The Truth!

106: Your Location and Your Success – The Truth!

106: Your Location and Your Success – The Truth!

Warriors, warm welcome to this Episode of the Unchained Warrior Podcast. Today we discuss your location and your success – the truth!

I hope you enjoyed the last episode titled “Staying on course with your dreams”, if you haven’t listened to it, go to this link.

Lets talk about location today.

I am sure you have heard many people saying that location is everything. Where you set up your business, where you live, where you invest etc.

In fact the popular information out there today is that; if you are not in the best location your chances of becoming successful and achieving your dreams is very minimum.

Is this true?

That is why I want to do this episode today to explore the truth with you.

If you really look at successful people in the different areas of life, you will find that although location helps but most of them succeeded despite being at other locations.

From Tom Cruise to Jay-Z to Eminem to Celine Dion… The list goes on and on! Please search for the information yourself so you can confirm this for yourself.

Why is it that some beat the location myth and succeed while many of us discount ourselves due to their location?

I strongly believe that it’s about mindset and belief system!

The truth is, if we can wake up everyday with our dreams fresh in our minds and the belief that somehow, someday, it will happen, I have no doubt that it will happen for you. But the first step is to ignore the lie that location is “everything”!

Wherever you are today, Warriors; your success is possible from that same location..

Look around you, look all over the internet; there are so many people starting one business or the other OR providing a service especially online and just by doing that they have become very successful. In fact most successful people now live in the places that we don’t associate with success by choice because it does no longer matter!

So Warriors, here is the truth; location helps but it is not everything!

Here is the truth, it is your hunger, belief in your dreams and willingness to work hard and make it happen that is actually everything.

So think about it today and do something. If you are depressed because you are unable to be in London and Hollywood, stop and activate your hunger, believe that it is possible and commit to hard work to ensure that you succeed!

Over to you Warriors, I believe that your success is possible from any location if you will believe me and start doing these things today.

It’s over to you Warriors.. Make me proud by making it happen. The world will be better because your did!

This is it Warriors! Please share this message with at least 7 people this week!

Thank you for reading and listening..


Abundant blessings to you!!

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Abundant blessings to you!!

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