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107: The Danger of a Chain of Distractions

107: The Danger of a Chain of Distractions

107: The Danger of a Chain of Distractions

Warriors, thank you for listening to this Episode of the Unchained Warrior Podcast. Today we discuss the danger of a chain of distractions.

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I was taking a walk the other day and saw this young man that was walking really fast and I thought to myself, surely I can catch up with him because I had longer legs and I like challenging myself!

After a few minutes, there was a very nice car that came past and I was distracted and for a few moments, I forgot the target I set for myself. I quickly came back to it and started walking faster and on track to catch up with him then I saw an open space and wondered why the space in such an expensive area is empty.. My thought strayed and I was distracted from my target once more.

By the time I got back to it, the guy was almost out of sight! A chain of distractions have cost me my target!

Unfortunately, this is the truth of the lives that we all live today..

We set targets, then we get distracted and then again and again and in the end we give up. And we wonder where all the time have gone!


Here is the challenge for this week, Warriors;

If you have any target set for the week, please start each day by reviewing the target and commit to it so that despite all the distractions, you can still put your targets first!

Ensure all your activities are lined up in such a way that you will not fall victim to a chain of distractions!

Ensure you have the best people around you and make them aware of these targets, that way they will help you get back on tract quickly if there is a any distraction.

The biggest threat to your dreams and ambitions is a chain of distractions.

Your dream is important and we have one life to live so lets remind ourselves again today to stay awake and focused on these dreams and ambitions to avoid distractions.

Let me end with these quotes:

“I don’t care how much power, brilliance or energy you have, if you don’t harness it and focus it on a specific target, and hold it there you’re never going to accomplish as much as your ability warrants.” – Zig Ziglar

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” – Alexander Graham Bell

This is it Warriors! Please share this message with at least 7 people this week!

Thank you for reading and listening..


Abundant blessings to you!!

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Abundant blessings to you!!

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