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108: Overcoming the Obstacles to your Success

108: Overcoming the Obstacles to your Success

108: Overcoming the Obstacles to your Success

Warriors, today we look at overcoming the obstacles to your success..

The year is almost ending and I know it is not easy looking back at some of your plans and targets for the year and finding that you are way off your target.

First let me assure you that you are not alone in this, there are millions who had plans that were shattered by one thing or the other this year.. Some could not even make it to this time of the year but we are all still here.

So lets look at how to overcome the obstacles to your success:


The crucial first step is gratitude.

Gratitude for being alive today and even having a plan. As you have a plan, there are a billion others who are just passing through life without a target or a plan. But you have one. This is something to be grateful!

Gratitude for the ability to try and hit those targets although you have not succeeded. Some know exactly how to do this but their health or the health of loved one have failed them.

There is need to grateful for the opportunity to try again because:

It is in failing and trying again and again that we ultimately find success!


Failure are the building black for massive success.

Although it may not look like it but the more you fail, the stronger and wiser you become. This is something to be grateful for as well.

Revisit Your “Why?”

I have put this in the list as it is crucial that you remind yourself of your “why”! These are simply put; the reasons you have set out to achieve these dreams and goals.

If your “why” is strong enough then it is very easy to take the knocks and keep going. On the other hand, if it is not worth it then it will be very easy to give up

Warriors, this is very crucial to success, it is the driving force behind all successful people because the journey is tough, but with strong “whys”, you are toughened and able to keep working at it until it is achieved.

Review Your Actions

Next step is to review your actions. When you set your targets, what actions did you take?

Do you remember step by step what effort you put into achieving these targets? This is why I am a fan of daily journals.

It is in your journal that you will find these answers.

Try to find out where you fell short, what you have done and also what you have not done. Most targets require us to make sacrifices in order to achieve them. How much sacrifice have you made? The bigger the goal the bigger the sacrifice and the bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the outcomes.

For success and targets to be achieved, you must also be aware of all the natural forces surrounding your target. These will include the skill and knowledge to achieve these targets, relationships you require to help you achieve these and the other risks around your targets.

It is crucial that you are aware of these things in other to succeed and hit your targets or you will fail again.

Refresh Your Plan and Strategy

Once you have discovered all the factors affecting your success and targets, the next step is to refresh your plan and strategy.

Remember what Einstein said:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

What new steps do you need to take now? What new sacrifices do you need to make? What are the latest discoveries and ideas around your target? What relationships do you need to build and what relationships need to end?

Who do you need to speak to to help you? As we are humans, I am 100% sure that there are people moving in the same direction as you. Who are they, where are they? Work on these things.

Most plans are unrealistic especially around timing. Take another look and see if the time allocated to tasks are sufficient. See that you have looked at any pre-requisites and allocated time to them, else you will fail again.

Celebrate Little Wins


Warriors, your dream is worth all the effort and sacrifice, if it was easy everybody will be doing the same but most people are not interested.

So remember to find time to celebrate little wins and congratulate yourself. It is these little wins that become huge and gives you the momentum to achieve more and hit your big targets in the end.

Thank you and best wishes for the new week.

Please help me share this message with 7 friends and family especially those struggling with their goals, dreams and ambitions in life. This could lift them up and they will be grateful to you.

Abundant blessings to you!!

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