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109: Why “BETTER” is actually better than “BEST”

109: Why “BETTER” is actually better than “BEST”

109: Why “BETTER” is actually better than “BEST” – The Power of “BETTER”.

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Lets go to today’s episode; why “BETTER” is actually better than “BEST”.

We were all taught to rank things by;


Therefore we have all grown up believing that the “best” is best but today I want to challenge this belief and explore ways that we can use this different way of thinking to move to the next level.

If will remember, when learning in schools, the teacher would say; “that’s good or other times that’s better”. However, teachers hardly talk about the “best”. This is simply because they know that “better” is the best. Teachers always aim to push the student to keep making progress.

Why do I believe that “better” is better than the best?

..simply because I know that better creates room for improvement rather than a status of perfection or complacency.

This is why I believe that “BETTER” is the “BEST”!

No matter how good you are in your work, business, life or relationships; it is critical that you…


There is always room for improvement

The quest for “BETTER”, guarantees growth in all areas of your life.

Anything that is not growing is dying!

Warriors, if you want your business, your job, relationship or life in general to be alive;

Strive for better, because “BETTER” is better than “BEST”

Call to Action

Warriors, I want you to do this for me today:

  • Make some to time this week to sit down alone and make a note of all the things that matter to you in life and also your desired contribution to your community and the world.
  • Think of ways to make them “BETTER”.
  • Set out a plan of action to make them “BETTER”
  • and finally start working on them.

If you do this, you will enjoy the power of “BETTER”

Thank you and best wishes for the new week.

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Abundant blessings to you!!

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