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110: The Keys to Staying True To Yourself

110: The Keys to Staying True To Yourself

110: The Keys to Staying True To Yourself

It’s with great pleasure that I come to you today on this episode on The Keys to Staying True to Yourself.

We most times end up very unhappy and wonder why. Many life events trigger certain changes in us as natural response to those situations. Our sole aim is to protect us from such re-occurrence in the future.

The sad part of this dynamic is that, life is full of events that may not be in our favour so we continue to change and make these adjustments until one day we wake up and realise that we have lost our “true self”! Once we lose our true self – the person we were born to be; unhappiness sets in, we lose track and our dreams are derailed.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to see this happening until it has changed us completely because the process is very gradual.

It is based on this discovery that The Unchained Warrior Podcast was born.

A few years ago, I lost close to $30,000 to a fraudster while trying to help a friend buy a generator for his hotel in Nigeria. I came out of this deal, bruised and therefore made a very firm decision that I was done helping people in any shape or form.


However, I found that I was unhappy doing this as I met people in trouble that I would usually help and let them go without trying to help.

This is the danger of losing your true self!

I tried to be who I am not because I was hurt instead of seeking other options of staying true to myself.

Once I realised this, I spent some time thinking about it. It is in this process that I discovered that I can still continue to help but be careful how I do it to protect myself in the process. That is how I decided to create The Unchained Warrior Podcast, to inspire 1 billion people to live to their full potential.


When I made this decision, the anger dis-appeared and happiness re-appeared. Simply because I am staying and living true to my real self.

Warriors, if you or any one you know is at this stage in their life’s journey. I have some tips that will help. This is very crucial to good life, happiness, success and even greatness. This is because:

“it is in being your true self that greatness is discovered!”

Here are the suggestions on how you can avoid losing your true self:

  • Discover who you really are and your life’s purpose and impact. If you struggle with this answer these questions: What are my good at? What are my sad about in the world today? Finally, what do most people come to me to help with? The responses to these questions will be your answer.
  • Find safe ways to deliver that to the people around you. Think self first because there has to be “You” before the people you are trying to help.
  • Remove people who do not appreciate you for who you are: These are people who are always disregarding your help and support towards them. To these people, it is your duty to help them and they have no appreciation of the help you offer. Get rid of these people as they will eventually annoy you and make you lose your true self.
  • Also remove people who discourage you from being and living your true self. There are always those people who see you as mad because of your dreams and your personality. Basically people who do not believe in you. Get rid of this group of people. They will eventually destroy your confidence in yourself and your dreams. Unfortunately, if you lose your confidence, you have lost everything.
  • Make time to search yourself: Ask and answer certain questions like are my being my true self? What type of impact are my having on the people around me and the society at wide? Etc. That way, you will keep yourself in check and live true to yourself.

Warriors, the truth is that you will never live happy, achieve success, greatness or have impact on the people around you unless you live true to yourself so it is a duty we all owe ourselves and the society to live true to ourselves.


I am hoping that this will help you as you go through this week and the rest of the year.

Thank you and best wishes for the new week.

Please help me share this message with 7 friends and family especially those struggling with their goals, dreams and ambitions in life. This could lift them up and they will be grateful to you.

Abundant blessings to you!!

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