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113 – Your Quest for Comfort and Your Greatness!

113 – Your Quest for Comfort and Your Greatness!

Welcome to episode 113 of the Unchained Warrior Podcast. It’s great to have you here again and welcome if you are joining us for the first time.

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Now to today’s episode which is Your Quest for Comfort and Your Greatness!

Warriors, life is tough! It is almost impossible to pass through life without finding yourself in situations where you need something or someone to comfort you. Business will be slow, you will miss targets, struggle to breakthrough, fail at things and even lose loved ones. The list goes on!


To get through all these, it is always wonderful to have people or things to comfort us in these struggles. In fact, if you don’t life is really tough! It is no different when it comes to your life’s goal, ambitions and greatness. Most times we make the big decisions to lose weight, work harder, start a new business or relationship and even make an impact on the society but struggle to deliver on these targets.

It is in these situations that we are tempted to seek comfort in order to cope. This is what I want us to discuss today.

Warriors, there is nothing wrong with seeking comfort but we must watch it before the comfort steals our greatness!


Some might find comfort in alcohol, music, food, books even from other people or organisations but it is crucial to be aware of the limits of this comfort. Knowing when you need it and when you really need to go back to working on your dreams and greatness. If we are not careful, we might find ourselves convinced that our dreams and no longer worth it by people who think differently to us.


In choosing the people and places you run to for comfort, be careful about people or places of comfort that will disconnect you from your greatness but appearing to be kind and caring to you!

Greatness demands toughness, no wonder only a few people achieve it.


So Warriors, by all means, seek comfort when things are rough and tough but know the limits. Always review your goals and ambitions daily so you can focus on what matters most to you: your dreams, your ambitions, your impact and your greatness!

Remember that it is OK for things to go off tracks sometime and this keeps us awake in the journey and offers us opportunities to learn, grow and go to the next level.

In the end, we will not be judged by the number of challenges we faced, but what we managed to achieve despite all the challenges!


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Until the next episode….

Abundant blessings to you!!


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