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119: It’s Time to Make Your Own Beats

119: It’s Time to Make Your Own Beats

In the Hez household for the past few days, my son has been going on about making his own beats. Buy this equipment and the other equipment. Infact at a stage it all came up almost $2000..

This is just so he can make his own beats…

And write some new songs to go with it

And then I started thinking.. What would happen if we all thought about our own beats?

Especially in times like this, when we hear different ideas and events happening all over the world..

The temptation is to become the judge

But that removes our focus on what we should be doing; making our own beats…

When you look around you today, what is going well? What is terribly going wrong?

The big question is then WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT THESE THINGS?

Unfortunately, judges and critics don’t really change much.

They spot the issue, and pass a judgement on it..

The situation cannot be changed by a judgement but by real action on the subject to bring about some form of transformation.

Now that is a new beat

One that sounds like your kind of music

Look at the notes and do whatever you want with them, that’s what the musicians do to keep us dancing.

These beats will bring the change you desire for your life, relationship, business and the world!

Here is your invitation Warriors, put together your own beats..

And let’s get the world dancing a new song!

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Until the next episode…

Abundant blessings to you