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2 Countries Choose One!

2 Countries Choose One!

2 Countries Choose one

2 Countries Choose one Picture credit: Zoopla

Over many thousand years, the world has undergone so many changes. Irrespective of your religious persuasion, we all agree that the world was one country in the beginning.


Today we have over 196 countries, all from that one country called the world or the earth in the beginning. As the years went by, so many events in history caused the world to be split into so many more countries and some new countries will still be created in the future.


Personally, I believe that there are two countries in the world: Blame and Responsibility.


These are the two countries in the world that I would like to discuss them this week.


a.   Country 1: Blame

This is foundational reason why we have many different countries today.


The countries as we know it today were created when people became frustrated with the life they were living, and looked for ways to solve the frustration. Eventually, they blamed it on the association with the “one world” so they started gathering like-minded people to fight to be different and create another country. Their original plan was to build a country where all needs will be met and there will be no frustration, well you can look around your country and see if that is the case now.


Another set of people created other countries because they wanted power, so they caused troubles, wars and killed so many people to achieve it and this resulted in the rise and fall of many empires up till this day.


These are the places we call countries today; places put together by individuals who believe that the solution to their problem is carving out a place they can rule and decide what happens there.


However you look at it, nations were created based on blame and the hope that carving out a special place will be a solution! The aims of creating them are mostly defeated which is where living in the country called blame will lead you.

b.      Country 2: Responsibility

This is the country I want to invite you to (if you still live in a different one); it is the whole world, a place where we can take individual responsibility for the world we are creating every day and the outcomes in our lives and the lives of others around us.


Please note that I am not against solidarity and patriotism to your country.


Think about it this way; if you are a musician, inventor, author or businessman, would you mind the countries your fans and buyers come from? Personally, I wouldn’t mind as long as I continue to serve as many people as possible so it is senseless to mind the boundaries and the countries our fans and customers come from.


It is only when we choose the country called Responsibility that we can see the world as what it is; a place to bring our talents to the table for the good of all mankind irrespective of colour, religion or country. Examples of people who have become warriors in their professions for living in the country called Responsibility are Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Bill Gates of Microsoft, I can name a few more. Both Microsoft and Facebook are used by the whole world; different religions, black, white, Asian, Africans, Caribbeans, Americans, Australians and Europe. These products know no boundaries and because the founders took responsibility to change the world, they created resources that will benefit all. They could have lived in the blame world and made stuff for their family or USA only, but no, they took the responsibility of bringing something great to whole world.


Every day we hear about wars and all sorts of crisis, I am sure you do not just ignore those sad events. You are touched by these events even though they happened in faraway countries, this is because this is who we are; people of the same country called the world and confirms the truth that deep down inside all of us, we are all connected.


I have been writing for a while now, and received so many thank-you messages from readers all over the world even from countries I never knew existed. For me this is how wide my country is; all over the world and I know yours is that wide too.


We will fail when we live in the country called Blame and have the mindset that we are failing because of the country we come from, or marginalisation, colour or all sorts of man-made conditions that create irrelevant boundaries for us.


I have heard so many complaints from people that they are where they are because of how other people see them, what other people have done to them or the race they come from. I know these exist in some cases but this is your one life, would you not rather take responsibility and live it the way that makes the most impact to the world? I hope you answered yes, because if you live hundred years with no trace then all the years will be worthless.


In the journey of success and greatness, opposition, failure and attacks will come but remember that the outcome of your journey is your responsibility but this is a choice because you also can decide to stay with the majority and blame all sorts of people, events and things.


I invite you to join me in this country called Responsibility; and take the challenge to set yourself up for the world and transform into an individual who has a product sellable to the whole world surpassing any boundaries or limitations put in your way.


We are all citizens of the world, especially with the help of the internet, we can impact the world from where we are today; break all the limiting boundaries in our mind and create for the world and become unchained warriors.


Your talents and gifts are important, the world is waiting for them, so please bring it to the world table and let us all change the whole world!


Have a fantastic week and abundant blessings to you!


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