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4 Great Lessons on “Fear”

4 Great Lessons on “Fear”

4 Great Lessons on Fear

As we approach the end of the year; we look at the concept of fear. What and Why we fear and the things we must all fear. For most of us, this is probably the main reason why most targets were

missed all these years long. Let’s get into the lessons:

Lesson 1: What Is Fear?

The great Zig Ziglar said that:


“FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real!”


Similarly, Dr. Karl Albrecht, the author of Social Intelligence: The New Science of Success, Practical Intelligence and 20 other books defined fear as:


“An anxious feeling, caused by our anticipation of some imagined event or experience.”


It is not a co-incidence that these 2 thought leaders used the words; “false evidence” and “imagined” in their definitions, showing that all our fears are imaginary and false!


This is confirmed by the fact that when you look back over the years, most things you feared did not happen.


The people who succeed in life, business and relationships understand the real meaning of fear and take advantage of it.


Lesson 2: Why We Fear

Depending on the challenges you face today, your fear may be about going all out and chasing your dreams in all the areas of your life. And the dreaded most crippling question comes to mind: What if…?


What if I fail in this business venture? What if I become a total failure in life because of this decision?


I must admit that I get trapped by these questions occasionally.


However, let’s look at it this way:


“For any reasonable goals to be achieved in live, so many fears would have been confronted, defeated and imprisoned!”


Lesson 3: The Battle With Fear

This is my advice to you today, whatever it is that you have feared in life, business and relationships; take action on it today and as Susan Jeffers called her book; “Feel the fear and do it anyway”


“Life’s greatest battle is the battle between a person and their fears because imprisonment is the consequence for the losing party.”


In other words, there are 2 outcomes: either the fear wins and imprisons you and or you and imprison fear. Understand this concept today and choose wisely because either way one party will be imprisoned.


Don’t let it be you.

Lesson 4: One Thing You Must Fear!

Having said all of the above; I believe that there is one thing that you must fear…. Just one thing!


And that is:  Not living your purpose and realising your dreams!


Here is the truth:


“You are here on earth on a mission; equipped with talents and endowed with seeds of greatness.”


This is true for all of us, so if you must fear, let it be fear of these things;


  1. To get to the end of your life and discover that you have not really lived.


  1. That you have so many talents that would have been used to make the world a better place but you are leaving this life with your songs in you.


  1. That you have the capability of earning an everlasting place in the history of the world.


  1. That because of your fear, the world has been cheated of so many inventions, organisations and causes you were meant to fight.


These are the only things to fear, if you must fear!


I hope this takes you to where you need to be in life – Fearless and Manifesting Greatness every day!!


The world is waiting for YOU!!



To your success!



As usual, please leave your comments below and share with your friends if you believe they will benefit. Have a great week and speak soon.