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4 Tips To Connect to the Greatness Within

4 Tips To Connect to the Greatness Within

Great week to start afresh like I always say.

How do the greats of the world do what they do? How come they can do it and it’s really hard no matter how hard I try?

Let me share some insight I have recently discovered.

Let me first state that it is necessary that you spend some time to discover what your skills and passions are. Also understand that the ability to become great is right inside you today!

When you have done this, then you are ready to go!

1. Stay Still

To put yourself on track to greatness, you will need to spend some time in solitary silence. Be on your own, no noise or any other type of distractions. I have found that meditation is a powerful tool to help with this.

Omvana and Headspace come highly recommended. Try them out as they have free trial versions.

You may also prefer other tools that can help you connect to your real self.

2. Listen Carefully

The next step is to listen carefully to your yourself while spending time in silence. What can you hear?

It is normal that you will hear nothing during the first few sessions but keep doing it and at some stage you will hear that small voice telling you how to connect to your greatness.

3. Find Your Frequency

As you continue this exercise; aim to find what works for you. For some people it will be meditation, for others it might be music, dancing and even walking.

When you find it, that is your frequency! If you ever want to connect to your greatness, this is where to go. The more you connect, the more powerful the results will be.

4. Make it a Daily Ritual

The last tip is to make a habit of this new-found technique. Like I mentioned earlier, it is important that you persevere so that it becomes part of your daily ritual.

There you have it… Stay still, Listen carefully, Find your frequency and Make it a daily ritual and connect to the greatness within.

To your success.


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Have a fantastic rest of the week!