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7 Simple Steps to Breakthroughs

7 Simple Steps to Breakthroughs

7 Simple Steps to Breakthroughs

7 Steps To Breakthroughs, Success

7 Steps To Breakthroughs, Success

This week we look at 7 simple steps to breakthroughs.

Before we get to them, let me point out that “simple” does not mean “easy”. Simple here means, the steps are not complicated but the achieving the breakthrough depends on how committed you are to the steps listed below.

Everybody wants some form of breakthrough in life, career and business but most times we get stuck because we do not know how to successfully achieve breakthroughs. If you would commit to these 7 steps, I have no doubt that you will achieve any breakthroughs irrespective of how remotely possible it seems. Let’s look at the steps;


1. Decide Where You Want Breakthrough

The first step is to decide in what area of life career and/or business that you would like to achieve breakthroughs. Maybe recently you have discovered that your career is stalling due to changes in your organisation or the market.


It may be that your business is struggling due to competition and/or certain market competition.


There may be crisis in your relationship and you know that if you don’t act now, it may graduate from crisis to a disaster.


Since it is your life; you alone know what you are struggling with right now. So search and find them as this is the first step to solving any problem, if not how can you solve a problem that you do not even understand?


For some, it may be that you are stuck at a place but you cannot find the reasons why you are stuck there or the way out.


Take some time today and think it through so you will be fully understand where you are and the type of change of you would like to see. Until you do this, please do not go to step 2.


2. Believe that Breakthrough is Possible

All the great thinkers of the past agree on this simple truth:


“As a man thinks so he is”

and Henry Ford said

“Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.”


So all the battles are won and lost in the mind’s battleground. For breakthrough to be possible, you must first believe that it is possible.


The key action that creates the best chance for you to have breakthrough in business, life, career and relationship is to ignore all the pre-conceptions you have about yourself!


These are mainly a product of past misfortunes, failed relationships and business deals or similar events.


Naturally, these past incidents tend to linger in our minds and stop us from believing that a breakthrough of any form is possible. So we struggle to believe that we have a chance of achieving any breakthroughs in the future.


Whatever has happened in the past is just an event and does not define you; leave it in the past and make a decision today that you are qualified for breakthroughs in your career, business and relationships.


Believe without any shadow of doubt that the breakthrough you seek, is totally possible and you are on track to get it.


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you want examples to believe this, go back and read about the people who have had massive breakthroughs in the past, you will find that they achieved breakthroughs because of a strong belief in themselves.


Thomas Edison said on his failures in the inventing electric bulbs:


“I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.” He did not stop until he did it because he refused to believe that it is impossible.!


Believe that despite all the failures in the past, a breakthrough is still possible!


3. Research the Breakthroughs of the Past

Now that you believe that breakthroughs are possible, it is time to search wherever possible for ways to achieve breakthroughs.


The truth is that for any breakthrough there is a process, the only challenge is that the process is not usually readily available but if you look for it, you will surely find it!


Brian Tracy, the great motivational speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author said:


“Life is like a combination lock; your job is to find the numbers, in the right orders, so you can have anything you want.”


In my experience, most very successful people in the past are always happy to share their knowledge and process.


Unfortunately, as human beings we prefer to buy into the usual reference to luck! So many philosophers in the past have stated that:


“luck is when preparation meets opportunity!”


So if you used to believe that successful people succeed because they are lucky, think again!


Thomas Jefferson said:


I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.


Spend some time looking for these processes (speacial tip: go and read as many autobiographies of the successful people and learn from their story).


When you find these processes, you are ready to create a plan of action.


4. Create The Plan and Set Target Dates

Create a new plan and design a strategy to achieve the breakthroughs you desire.


Your finished plan must be as described in the dictionary: “An orderly or step-by-step conception or proposal for accomplishing an objective“.


You must also set target dates for the execution of every step in your plan.


Remember that this is just a plan, so be don’t waste too much time trying to make it accurate, you can always change it.


Also a bad plan is better than no plan!


5. Execute the Plans

Armed with a good plan, go to work! There is no substitute to hard work. It even makes more sense when you are working on a well researched plan and strategy.


If the breakthrough means anything to you, then you will never lack motivation to keep going however hard it is to achieve the breakthrough. It’s called the power of “why”! If your why is strong enough, then the how will become possible even though not easier.


Remember, it is your breakthrough, so you will often be misunderstood by people who do not understand your plan but continue working on your plan.


Sometimes you will feel like giving up but from all the stories I have read about people who had breakthroughs in past, they always came to many points where they thought of giving up but persevered. So your journey will not be different.


When you hit those low points, remember that nothing good comes easy, else so many people would have achieved it today.


Finally, keep your eyes on the breakthrough, and you will find that you will always have a reason to believe that whatever pain you will go through in the process is worth it!


6. Celebrate the Victories OR Learn from the Failures

As you work on your breakthrough; you will have many little victories and failures. Develop a mindset that whatever the outcome, there is the profit of some lesson or lessons to be learnt.


If it all goes well, then you know what to do to get it right BUT if you fail, focus on any lessons you may be able to learn from event. But all in all, make the process a continuous learning and improvement process.


Even in your victories, always look for ways to better your best as there is no such thing as perfection!


Breakthroughs are definitely possible if you will follow these steps but it is critical that you to commit to it.


7. Do it All Over Again and Again….

Yes, doing it once is not good enough! Perseverance is the keyword here. The above steps offer you an opportunity to learn new habits so make it stick and then use it in all the other areas that you want breakthrough.


Who knows you might do so well that you will be able teach others to achieve breakthroughs which is the highest breakthrough anybody can achieve.


This is it, it’s over to you (and me) to go out there and breakthrough those tough challenges!


Abundant blessings to you this week!



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