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Chiedozie Hez is an Entrepreneur, Performance Coach, International Inspirational Speaker and Blogger

Unchained Warrior Project aims to help you take  full charge of your life, increase your confidence, perform like a warrior, tackle daily challenges, live with passion and purpose, be inspired to greatness and realize all your ambitions and inspire others in your life, business and relationships.

The Unchained Warrior with Chiedozie Hez loaded with simple, step by step, clearly articulated guide outlined in each episode. Lesson drawn from Tony Robins, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, T D Jakes, Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, W. Clement Stone, Seth Godin, Dale Carnegie, Gary Vaynerchuk, Wallace Wattles, Jay Abraham, Brian Houston and the Holy Bible.

Chiedozie also has many years experience in Systems and Chemical Engineering working for several global organisations before deciding to impact and inspire the world with lessons learnt along the way.

Blogger, Entrepreneur and International Speaker with interests in Tablets PCs, Smart Phones and Fashion (, Crowd Funding, Startup Funding and Websites and Business sales (

His interest in personal and corporate performance improvement was ignited by a sudden discovery of the possibilities available to all human being after some soul searching.

When you make a decision to live a decent life, everything else does not automatically fall in line, this was the missing piece for Chiedozie and then the digging started.

He is still digging after discovering that life is serious and doesn’t care how unprepared you are and will throw things at you which you need to prepare to handle. If you are at the same place then, welcome home and enjoy the journey!

Chiedozie is married with 3 adorable kids!

Please take action with the information to find here as that is the only way change will come.

Abundant blessings to you!