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Achieving Greatness with Power of Your Knowledge today

Achieving Greatness with Power of Your Knowledge today

Achieving Greatness with Power of Your Knowledge today

Achieving Greatness with Power of Your Knowledge today

Achieving Greatness with Power of Your Knowledge today

Warriors, congratulations on making it this far this year with all the things happening in our world today. Hope it’s going well for you and you are enjoying good health. Today, I want to talk to you about achieving greatness with the power of your knowledge today.


They say that knowledge is power but it takes full realisation of the knowledge you have to tap into the power that knowledge provides. If you are like me, the easy thing to do is think that the knowledge that can make the difference we seek in our lives is out there somewhere waiting to be discovered. The question to answer then is; is this true?


My aim here at Unchained Warrior is to help at least 1 billion people all over the world irrespective of location, race and religion to recognise and realise their potential and then apply it to create an abundant life not only for the individual but for the future generations.


In the next few lines, I would like to walk you through my thoughts around this to help you discover the knowledge you already have today and the endless possibilities of applying them correctly to enable you enjoy the well-deserved benefits of acquiring the knowledge.


1. Your Knowledge Assessment


Personally, I am a curious person and strongly believe that every opportunity to learn should be taken. Having grown up in Africa and struggling with finding books to learn the subjects I was interested in, let alone follow the updates, knowledge acquisition was tough.  As I began to see more opportunities to learn, I decided to learn as much as I can whenever possible.


Then the internet was discovered and I can now learn not only from books I could not afford but also from the best teachers all over the world. Since then I have been learning.


I tell this story because I know that most of my readers and followers are young people who were born into these opportunities that would look like a dream come through for most of us. The second reason is to remind us all that we have all been learning both formally and informally and have a huge bank of knowledge.


The difficulty for most of is that we do not realise that we have acquired large amount of knowledge which may not be common at least to some of the over 6 billion people alive today.


I like chatting with people whenever I have an opportunity and I cannot begin to tell you how much of my so called “common knowledge” that the people I spoke to, did not have. I am talking of free information that you can find on the streets even if you weren’t looking. However these individuals lacked it.


It has also happened the other way round for me, where I realise how much of the simple things I lack knowledge of even from individuals I would normally think I know more than on a certain topic.


So what do you think your case will be? I’m sure you know the answer, you have plenty of knowledge that you have deliberately downgraded as “common knowledge” but there are millions if not billions out there who lack it.


Today, I would like to encourage you to make a list of at least 10 things, you know a lot about and speak to as many people as possible to find out if they have that knowledge. If they know all these 10 things (which I can bet you that they won’t), good but if they don’t, then that is uncommon knowledge right there. The next step is to dig further and package it in such a way that you can teach it…


2.         The Power of Teaching


Most people think that teaching happens only at the primary, high schools and universities and that you have to be pursuing a certification when you are learning. How wrong this has become especially in the 21st century with the rise of online courses on subjects never thought in any formal education facility.

Remember, we are talking about the power of your knowledge today.  This is one of the most powerful ways that you can use your knowledge to change your life and achieve your dreams and greatness. In these days of google, most people go online to look for information on everything, so you will have no limits to what knowledge you can organise and package to sell to people out there.


Teaching also re-enforces the knowledge you already have and stops you from losing it and also pushes the teacher to continuous learning and development which is highly needed in these days of accelerated change and unbelievable complexity. This simply means that it is win-win for you the teacher; you make a living and have reason to continue to expand your knowledge as your student numbers and reliance on your expertise grows.  This is the power of your knowledge today. Harness it today!


3.         The Possibilities ahead


If you will do your knowledge assessment and harness the power of teaching, the possibilities ahead are endless in the 21st century.


I am talking about the power of knowledge here not certificates.  This is knowledge that people are seeking that you currently have and people will pay for it. It may not appear valuable to you but somebody out there is looking for it and will pay top dollar for it. And guess what, if you are able to take these steps, this could be you in the next few months.


Finally, these steps will protect you from the future and you will now be in the vanguard of future changes in your chosen industry and stand a good stead to be the guru and reference point for all future changes.  If this is you, then people will pay for your insights.


You can teach through online courses, events, books, videos, privately taught courses, public speaking and seminars. These are just a few the opportunities are endless.


This is the power of the knowledge you have today! Don’t take it for granted but recognise it through assessing your knowledge today, teaching it and only then will you be able to achieve greatness with the power of your knowledge today.


Please let me know how you get on with this exercise and please take it seriously as this will change your life.

Until next week, abundant blessing to you!

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