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Break the Chains Holding You Back

Break the Chains Holding You Back

Break the Chains Holding You Back

Break the Chains Holding You Back

Break the Chains Holding You Back

Welcome to another episode of this weekly blog. Hope 2016 is going well so far. Today, I want to talk to you about breaking the chains that hold you back which I believe that all of us are victims of in life, business and relationships.


I heard a story of an elephant trainer who trained baby elephants by tying them to a small tree with a little rope which they are unable to break at that age. However, as they mature into a multi-tonne beast, the same small rope is used to tie them and keep them from moving.


The principle behind this is that this animal has been mentally conditioned to believe that they are unable to break free and do whatever they like because of the rope which is clearly not true. We all know that elephants are known for their enormous power and ability to uproot trees from the root but the big elephant stays bound by ropes they can easily break.


The story is the same for us all as human being. Due to our upbringing, the people around us, the society we live in, relationships and education, we have been conditioned to believe that we are exactly where we need to be and lack the ability to go beyond the current achievements.


It is very easy to discount this and think that the message is for others, but it will be helpful for us all to look deep down in our hearts and identify those areas of our lives that require attention. When we find these areas, we must re-appraise them and look for ways to break the chains holding is back in our business, entire life and relationships.


This is my call to action for you this week. As I always say, I have a strong belief beyond doubt that we are all able to step up our games, even if we believe we have already achieved greatness.


This is your life, please don’t accept other people’s assessment of your life but find time to believe that more is possible for you and work hard to break the understanding you are unable to move beyond your current circumstance.


Bust all these limits and take off, fly, swim, build, start the business, charity, course or whatever you have been dreaming of starting! Determine to start off a new mission to amaze yourself and achieve beyond anybody’s imagination for you.


It is possible warriors, so let us go for it staring from today, not tomorrow. The great future is yours! You can be on top of the world! This is what I and all unchained warriors all over the world believe.


I hope you will join us today but break both the ropes, hand/leg cuffs and all chains from our lives. Only then can we become true unchained warriors.


Abundant blessings to you.


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