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Can I Watch Your Game ?

Can I Watch Your Game ?

Can I Watch Your Game ?

This week, I want you to do me a favour, I invite you to come and play and let us watch your game. I know you don’t mind being watched but you cannot be bothered because you think nobody will come and watch.

I will tell you why below. Stay with me…

  1. Your Passion for the Game

I see you there, great supporter, you watch all the matches, buy the polo shirts and even brag about it, even though your personal projects and responsibilities are lagging behind.

Your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter banner is from your favourite sports team and you can’t hide it. All your friends know you are very passionate about it. Your followers on Instagram have no choice but to be served pictures and pictures of your favourite players.

In fact, you are part of the supporters club and never miss a meeting. You bought the calendar and a few more as gifts to your friends and the price didn’t matter.

If I sat down with you, within the first 10 minutes, you would have given me a full analysis of your last game, who played well, who didn’t, who missed the goals and the referees bias especially for no giving the penalty from a foul committed right in front of him.

You even wonder why the coach didn’t play a certain player who would have “definitely” scored a goal today in your view.

In fact you will 10 reasons at least why your coach needs to be sacked supported with a long list of the simple things he/she should have been able to do to turn the game around, who he should buy in the transfer window so that the team wins the cup.

I admire your passion!

The truth is that it is this passion that keeps us going and at least, gives us something to unwind with and also look forward to every now and then.

  1. Why I Want to Watch your Game

Why not?

As my reader, I want to appreciate you for taking your golden time to read my articles. So many of you have very kind words and prayers to say about my work. Thank you and God bless you too!

You have even spoken about it and shared it on Twitter and Facebook and talked to your friends and family about it. That means a lot to me, thank you!

And thank you because, I can call many of you my friends because of the kindness you have shown me even without meeting me. This is why I want to watch your game.

I believe my body is work is simply to help change lives from worse to best. To unchain the warrior in you and kick start the transformation that will help you dominate your world.

But top of the list is that, I am bored of watching the same people playing this game, week in week out. Honestly I am bored of it. I fancy some brand new faces in the game.

I would like to see the faces of these people that I have listened to their analysis and criticism for a very long time. Surely, they will do a better job and show us all a different dimension.

We are all in joint owners of the earth, so it will be great for each of us to take turns and play the game so we can all have some variety. Anything less than this is clear cheating, so I want to watch your game too.

  1. Challenge for the Next Few Weeks

Now back to you, again J (and me too). Sorry for bothering you too much this week but here is my challenge:

I strongly believe that you have watched too many games and analysed too many matches. You have paid too many gate fees, travelled very long distances and endured lots of traffic.

I really like your analysis of the games, managers, the players, pitches, movies, the speakers, the teacher, the authors, celebrities and the leaders.

The technical set up of the match, leadership styles, political strategies and writing styles. In fact I am blown away by your wisdom and expertise in these games.

I like your passion for the game; government, businesses and relationships. Your passion actually reminds of Jesus Christ, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg of the world who have all left indelible marks on the earth.

This is why I am challenging you, to come in to the field and have a go!

I am dying to see you in the ring, the film set and at the helm of affairs, using all the technical expertise, analytical techniques and passion to play this game, write the book, lead and run the multi-billion dollar businesses.

And by the way, your biggest fan will be me J, so don’t worry about it! I promise I will not get angry when you miss a goal, make mistakes or get it wrong because I believe in you. I will even write about you (honestly), when you play and tell the world how you said it and did it! All free of charge.

To top it all, I have made a jersey and a banner with your face on it. I have packed my bags, bought my tickets and all excited about this game. Your game!

I will be cheering from the touchline and I know you can win. Actually you will win… And at the end of the game, I have brought my autograph book so you can sign it for me. That’s what stars do isn’t it?

So let’s go…

Play and let’s watch your game!! Will you play that game? Will you write that book? Will you pass those exams? Will you make that movie? Will you volunteer to help those people in need? Will you start that business? Will you write that book? Will you write that song? Will you lead?

Let me know how you have chosen to play… And where I can watch. I promise for the second time; to be there cheering for you until the end of the game. I know you will and I will join in your celebrations because you have done it!

If this has inspired you to start something new, please don’t forget to comment below, share the message, like my page and join the community. Even if you have just thought about it, still let me know.

Will you play?

Abundant blessings to you!

Ps: As usual, please leave your comments below and share the message with your friends if you believe they will benefit. Don’t forget to like my page as this is the only way we can keep in touch.

I also encourage you to join the Unchained Warrior Coomunity on Facebook where I will be training and offering free advice. Have a great week and speak again soon.

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  1. Chynelo Hez March 8, 2016 at 8:47 am

    Hi Obz,
    This is really good. It has fanned up my flame this morning. Keep up the good work. I’m happy I decided to read this. I actually have in mind to start an after school services and I am going ahead with it before mid-year. Thanks for adding to my courage. I am going to do it and I will let you know how it comes. Believing God for all the favour and success we require.
    Keep up the good work and God bless you.

    1. Ob Hez March 8, 2016 at 9:19 pm

      Thanks Chinoo,

      Thank you very much for the kind words. They are very encouraging. I feel privileged that my message can make a difference. God bless your new venture with outstanding success. Amen

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