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Choosing the Right Version of Yourself

Choosing the Right Version of Yourself

Choosing the Right Version of  Yourself

Choosing the Right Version of Yourself – Photo credit Zoopla UK

This week I want to talk to you about choosing the right version of yourself and tapping into your unique talents and seeds of greatness.


It is always refreshing writing for you each week, many thanks for the prayers and kind words. I read every single one of them and I pray that you are blessed too.


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In the technology age, versions are talked about a lot. Every application has many versions and we aim to upgrade to the latest versions of phones, applications and cars. However, we as individuals have different versions too and I have identified the 3 versions that stand out to me.


So let’s look at the different versions of you that you may not be aware exists:


1. Version 1: Who We Have Become

This is the current version of you right now as you read this message.

If life is going very well congratulations but please check out the other versions too. If you are struggling, I want you to know that there is hope for a better life and that it is possible that you can transform your life.


Version one for you is probably, the struggling person, doing all you know to get by every week. It might be very laid back, lazy and half asleep person who is just surviving but not really living your true life but drifting and waiting for help that will never come.


It might also be a version where you believe that you know it all and need to further knowledge, with the belief that once school or university studies is over, there is nothing much to study since you have all the certificates. You believe that you have all it takes to get the best opportunities and business based on your current knowledge.


Your version one, may be that you are seating in the corner waiting for others to fix your life; government, parents, friends, relatives etc. I call this living a life of entitlement; the most dangerous and destructive lifestyle. Here you believe that whether it goes well or not, there is somebody to blame for it and if it goes well then you take the glory.


For some others, we see only one option in life to achieve whatever we want to without opening our eyes to other opportunities out there but stay with me let us consider the other versions.



2.     Version 2: Who You Dream to Become

This is to many of us a better version. The dream version of life that we are all aiming for. It appears like the best that we can become to feel that we are living the life or running the business of our dreams.


This version is normally limited to our exposure and what we believe is possible. It is often determined also by the people we have around us, TV programmes we watch, the locations we visit often, the books we read and the people we listen to daily.


Based on this, we find heroes whose personal achievements and lifestyles we want to copy, but is this the best version of you?


I don’t think so because I believe that you can become better and as we are all unique, there is nobody in the world who can be the best version of YOU! It is only YOU!


This version keeps you in the confines of your current knowledge and possibilities but we are all warriors in different things and by copying others we run the risk of missing our marks. We also run the risk of becoming much less than we are capable of becoming.


Although, there is nothing very bad with this version, I have a new proposition for you this week and that is version 3. Let’s look at it…


3.     Version 3: What We Can Become

This is the version of you that I am inviting you to, the totally and completely unchained warrior!


Let me tell you something you probably have not been told by anyone about you:

  • You are a unique gift to the world for this time that we live in. Nothing exactly like you has come this way from the start of the world till date.
  • You are endowed with seeds of greatness that if you would take the responsibility and water it for as long as it will take to mature, the world will hear your name!
  • You have the power to achieve at least 100 times whatever you think you can achieve as version 2. So dream bigger than you have right now. Think about it, even if you don’t achieve 100 times and end up with just 20 times, it is still better than your current dreams.
  • You owe it to the world to bring the best you have to the table and serve the world with it or we will all miss out.


This is it for this week on my blog, Warriors, the choice is yours. Remain where you are today, dream to become like other people around you or embrace a much larger dream and vision of yourself, work on it and change the world to your amazement and the amazement of the people around you.


Come out of that comfort zone of version one and step up your game. The whole world is your stage; not just your village, community, state or country! No, you are a gift to the world!


The world is changing every day and to survive, succeed and thrive, you must continuously upgrade the versions of yourself until every talent in you is fully utilised and you live out your warrior.


The call is for today, not tomorrow, next week or next year. Start today!


Lots of love and abundant blessings to you!


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