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The Comfort of Blame versus the Power of Hope

The Comfort of Blame versus the Power of Hope

The Comfort of Hope Versus the Power of Hope

The Comfort of Hope Versus the Power of Hope

This week we look at the “The Comfort of Blame Versus the Power of Hope”. Hope the last week was good for you. If it was, good! If it wasn’t at least it is over now and we have a brand new week in hand with the opportunity to try again.


Wherever you live in the world today, you will agree with me that most decisions; political, social and economic, are made by the people in power.


The Comfort of Blame

One thing is common all over the world, no matter how good the government is doing there will always be areas where things are not going the way you would like it. Some lack freedom of speech, some insist on certain religion and others institute certain ethics that must be strictly adhered to.


These rules and ideologies work for some people but not for everyone. This is where most of us find ourselves today. Some of us have no jobs, hence no food to eat. Some have jobs but still struggling. Others are paid enough but have no freedom of speech and the story goes on and on..


In the midst of all these, it is natural to look at these factors beyond our control and resign to fate. After all, it’s not your fault that things are not going well; it’s the government and the leadership’s fault so they get all the blame.


I totally agree with you, because in reality, all the blame goes to the leaders empowered to run the nations who may have not delivered on all or some their promises.


They are the reason why there are so many poor, sick and unemployed people in our country. They have stolen all the money, they have destroyed the nation and all our future.. The lists of the blames are endless.


Somehow, this provides some comfort to us in our current state in life because the blame lies totally on these leaders who are out of our control.


The Power of Hope

However, I have found that the comfort of blame is a very dangerous and destructive type of comfort because it encourages us to submit all our powers to these other people and circumstances that we cannot change and do/become nothing!

Warriors, this is truly not an option!


The unfortunate truth is; irrespective of whether these current issues are solved by our leaders or not, your/my lifetime clock is still ticking along. It will not stop in the days when we are living in the comfort of blame.


This brings us to the empowerment of hope! What do you honestly hope for? It’s possible that most of us are feeling hopeless now but let me highlight a few things.


If you desire change in your life, business and relationships; it is compulsory that your look inside yourself and work to harness those talents that you have. I know we are all individually gifted in one way or another, so see these gifts as a source of hope and focus on them, develop them and try to see what you can achieve.


Rekindle the hope you have that things can still change and start trying again. If you read the autobiographies of the great men and women of the past, you will find that they had a lot of similar if, if not worse challenges to overcome to achieve greatness.


This is why I always advice that reading autobiographies is a very good way to achieve big dreams. In them, you not only get inspiration that it is possible, but you are able to follow these great people through their journey to greatness and learn the lessons in their steps.


The power of hope is endless, because it keeps the dream alive and keeps pushing you to bigger and better things. The power of hope helps you to see beyond the current circumstances and believe that there is still a way out and that the big dreams and the Promised Land are possible.


The Oxford Dictionary has this interesting definition of hope; it defined hope as the

“Grounds for believing that something good may happen”

In the midst of the struggle and extreme hardship today, I want you to resurrect the power of hope in yourself, which is the belief that something good will happen.


Remember that something good will not happen if you continue to dwell in the comfort of blame, but when you wake up to the talents and gifts inside you and give in to the power of hope.


To get the best results from the power of hope, you must create a vision of the future that you hope for. A future that is big enough that you can look at the current challenges and say to yourself;

“Yes, it’s a long way to get to the big dreams I would like to achieve, but it will be worth it in the end”

Hope is always for things unseen or unachieved as the good book says

“hope that is seen is no hope at all.”

Let’s turn to some words of inspiration from these great people:

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite of the darkness” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

I agree totally with these words; there is surely light at the end of the tunnel for you and I, Warriors.

“Let your hopes, not your hurts shape your future” – Robert H Schuller

The hurts are in the comfort of blame, placing before us the bad things other people have done to us.


“The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life. It provides human beings with a sense of destination and the energy to get started.” – Norman Cousins



Warriors, let’s think about this carefully this week and do the needful. Dusting up all the hopes we used to have in the future, looking inside ourselves for the talents and gifts to make it happen and believing that we possess the power to hope again and believe again in the greatness that lies within each and every one of us.


I will repeat it here, as we dwell in the comfort of blaming the government, people, other nations and even nature, our lifetime clock is ticking. Every day we have lived is a day less from our total number of days we have to live and can never be recovered. As the days count down, so is the window we have a build a legacy decreasing.


So let us draw on the power of hope to create the perfect destination and be energised to start dreaming, working and believing in a great future once again!


In the midst of all these suffering, hopelessness and helplessness, it is possible that we can rise above these ashes and become world changers through the power of hope.


Let’s join hands and make it happen!


Abundant blessings to you.


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