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Crossing the Many Rivers of Life

Crossing the Many Rivers of Life

Crossing the Rivers of life

Crossing the Rivers of life – Iron Brodge, Shropshire Courtesy Britian Express.


How wonderful it is writing for you again today after a very tedious but productive week.


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Now let’s look at the topic of the day; crossing the rivers of life.


As we progress in life, we go through many stages and after each stage, we become stronger or broken. This is the same for all of us with no exception. Everybody living is either coming out of one of the rivers of life, inside on of the rivers of life or heading to the next one as we grow in skills, relationships and business.


In this piece, I will refer to these stages as rivers often.


When we understand that life is about crossing many rivers, it becomes possible to win, achieve your dreams, breakthrough, success or even live out our warrior. It is for this reason that I write today to call your attention to it.


For us to be able to read this article, we all went to school and had to go through different stages, mainly after some examination. This is one reason I have refused to join the people who advise that going to school is not necessary because this process alone equips you for the future.


In going through the stages, you learn that there is always a river to cross before you go to the next class. The truth is that this process does not end with the school days but rather it is an integral part of life.


Put simply, if you will not cross a river, you will not only never progress to the next level but also whatever you have achieved in the past will diminish. This is where many people are stuck today waiting for miracles to move them to the next level.


Now that we know the importance of crossing rivers and the consequence of not crossing them, I would like to point you to some simple truths about crossing a river:


1.      Rivers are Full of Water

Yes, they are full of water (so please don’t cry when you get there because there is plenty of water in the rivers and it doesn’t need your tears) which means there are dangers of drowning and being attacked by the creatures that live in the river.


To travel across the rivers, you must learn to swim and not just basic swimming but swimming all the distance to get to the other side. This will take skills, perseverance, strength and belief in your ability to swim to the other side.


The next tip is, we must be aware and prepare for the dangerous creatures of the rivers. This is the only way we can safely swim past the river to the other side. For you, the other side may be a great job, re-locations to another place, thriving relationship or business or even your greatness.

2.     The Rivers will Cleanse You

As you swim in these rivers, it will also be a time of cleansing. To go to the next level there are certain habits, foolishness and beliefs that must be discarded.


Unfortunately, this is how it works because to become better you must know better, believe better and then do better.


As you go through whatever it is you are going through now, instead of trying to hold on to things you used to own, know and want, let go and embrace the new because greater things cannot be put into the old container.

Look around that situation and ask what you can learn from it to overcome the current challenge. Open your eyes to the opportunities, the people, and the ideas that could come out of it and embrace them.

This reminds me of what the great scientist, Alexander Graham Bell said:

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

3.     Breathe

One of the things they teach in swimming lessons is the breathing technique.

As you swim, find time to rest, recharge so that you can go all the way. Yes, there is a problem, crisis or even disaster, no matter how strong you are, if you do not learn to take a break from working at it, you will drown.

Remember, there are still a few more rivers to swim in life so try not to be exhausted by the current one.

Keep going, stronger and stronger but don’t forget to breathe so you can replenish your strength and increase your chance of getting to the other side of the river.

4.     You Need Help

We all need help sometimes, in fact much more than we think we do.


It is not enough to have all the skills, the big dreams and goals will take much more than our skills and expertise, this is when you need to ask for help.


So ask for help, some people will employ the powers of prayers for divine intervention but don’t forget to also look around for people that have crossed that river.


Brian Tracey said that “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others” so don’t hesitate to ask. If you cannot find anybody; look for books, videos and places you can find help for the trouble you are going through at the moment.


Most of us do not ask for help because we think it means weakness but Les Brown famously said:


Ask for help not because you are weak but because you want to remain strong!


One of steps to achieve greatness is getting help from a formidable team who will compensate for your areas of weakness and help you achieve greater things. So if you can build a team.


5.     Have Faith

This is the hardest but the most crucial when you are going through rough rivers of life. We must acquire faith; build faith and nourish it so we can keep the faith. It’s your job to find a way to do this.


This will enable you to see beyond the current trouble, danger, predicament or destruction and know that it is possible to swim through this river and see the dry lands again.


When you can see through the eyes of faith, it has a special way of renewing your strength in very difficult situations and spurring you on.


Remember you are a warrior, and warriors believe that victory is possible that is why they go in to the fight. They are people of faith, because to achieve, you must first believe that it is possible.


In closing, whatever you are going through right now, I want you to understand that it is part of life’s many rivers so you must equip yourself to survive in the deep waters of the rivers, ensure you receive the cleansing that comes with these waters to get rid of things and habits that are not required for the next level, find time to breathe and rest from the hassle.


It is also necessary that you learn to ask for help from the power above, individuals, books and all the resources available and above all things you must have faith in the future, success, greatness that you are pursuing by developing a clear vision of the future to keep you refreshed and strengthened in the midst of the all rivers.


We will swim past this river and the next one until the end; achieving unbelievable success and greatness to change the world.


I wish you all a fantastic week.


Abundant blessings to you!


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