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Cultivating a Solution Mindset to Problems

Cultivating a Solution Mindset to Problems

Cultivating a solution mindset to problems at blog.

Cultivating a solution mindset to problems at blog. Credit: Zoopla


In life we face many problems, sometimes many times in a day. In fact, we get to solve problems from dusk to dawn, this week I share some thoughts on cultivating a solution mindset.


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What are Problems?


Let’s understand the meaning of problems before we proceed so we are all on the same page.


Webster Dictionary has 3 definitions for a problem:

  1. something that is difficult to deal with : something that is a source of trouble, worry, etc
  2. difficulty in understanding something
  3. a feeling of not liking or wanting to do something

So these definitions confirm that we all have problems and there need to know the best approach to solving them.


Options in Problems


When there is a problem, you have three options and we always have to choose one each time there is a problem, consciously or unconsciously.


Option 1: Talk about the problem.


This one is the easiest to choose of all. You have chosen this option when we go round telling everybody willing to listen about the problem not minding whether they can help or not.


In fact, in most cases we are looking for are listening ears, that’s all. And the psychologists and counsellors will tell you that most people who pay for their service, are not looking for a solution but just a listening ear OR somebody that will re-enforce the fact that the problem is very big and unsolvable.


Option 2: Hide it and live with it


In this option, we pretend that the problem doesn’t exist and hope that it will go away without any action.


However, we all know that Newton’s First Law states that:


An object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force.”


So the problem persists or even expands beyond the initial size while the chances of solving the problem diminish.


Option 3: Take action and Solve the Problem.


This is the best option!

In this option you take responsibility for the situation, face the problem and solve it. It doesn’t matter if the problem is solvable or not but by actively looking for ways to solve the problem, you will put yourself in a better position.


How to Cultivate Problem Solving Mindset


To give yourself a chance of coming out of the problem, your mindset is critical. You must learn to see the problems for what they are:

  • They are problems and a part of life, everybody has a problem!
  • Problems do not mean the end of the world; you have dealt with problems in the past.
  • You are not the first person to have that problem, so it’s nothing personal.
  • It is not there to break you but to build you, so see it as an opportunity to grow rather than a threat to your existence.

Problems keep us all on feet and do 2 things for us:


  1. Remind us that we have outdated knowledge for our current status


  1. Reminds us that it is time to go to the next level in live.


As you will agree, both of the above are to our advantage.


To get to the stage where you are able to read and understand this article, you passed through some form of education.


To go to the next class, you must go through some assessment to confirm that you qualify. It is the same thing with life, you cannot rise higher without passing your assessment (this is what we call problems in everyday life).


When next you hit a problem think about these.


What the mindset will do for You


If you cultivate this mindset; it will help you to understand and believe that there is a solution, or at least a way forward.


Next, you will have some clarity of mind to identify the help you need and seek out people or powers who are able to help you. It will help you understand that telling everybody about your problem is not a solution of any form but a sign of irresponsibility.


You will be able to dig deep and understand the problem clearly by looking for information from people who have had the same problem in the past.


The solution mindset will help you discover the root cause of the problem which is critical to solving any problem. This is because if you do not know the root cause, then you have set up yourself for a life of solving the same problem for the rest of your life.


Solution mindset will help you to devise, the possible solutions to the problem. As you know, 5 + 5 = 10 and 7 + 3 = 10 as well. There always many options to solving a problem.


Next, it will guide you in choosing what the best solution option is,  by looking at the pros and cons of each option and attempting to match them to the desired options.


Once, you have chosen your preferred option, the solution mindset will empower you to go to work and execute the chosen option and learning whatever lesson you can from it.


The solution mindset is critical in life as each of us, whether we believe it or not:

Is either in a problem OR coming out of a problem OR walking into a problem.

So get these skills, keep them safely and use them to your advantage. That way, you will always be prepared to face whatever comes your way.


Remember that this is a key weapon in the warrior’s arsenal!


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