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The Dawn of a New Year

The Dawn of a New Year

The Dawn of a New Year

Warm welcome to 2016 and it is my pleasure to write for you again today, being the very first week of 2016.


As you all know, this is the dawn of a new year and like all the past years and ones to come, they go past so quickly that you wonder where the days went. Today I want talk to you about new beginnings in 2016 and how you can take advantage of it.


Last week, I wrote about year 2015 and how you can win in 2016. If you have not read it yet, please head back to the article titled “How was year 2015” for details and don’t forget to leave comments and let me know what you think and if you would like to add any more to the article.


I will be short and straight to the point this week. Here are more things you need to remember:


  1. 2016 is a Brand New Year.

This means you have another opportunity to start afresh on  a clean slate, forgetting all that has happened in the past and pressing forward to those dreams you have always had for your life, business and relationships.


Someone wrote that the most important forgiveness we will ever get is self-forgiveness. So please forgive yourself of the mess of the past years and decide to start afresh and make it happen in 2016.


This year, just like all the years, will present you with fresh opportunities but it is left for you to spot them and take massive action.


Whatever has stopped you in the past years; low self-esteem, lack of confidence, lack of money or relationships, can all be overcome by deliberate decisions to seek out solutions.


  1. You are Well Equipped

Yes, I believe you are well equipped for this new dawn.


The fact that your reading this means that you always look to learn and find solutions. This heading does not imply that you know all you need to know to succeed and achieve your dreams in 2016. No, not at all!


For all the things you want to achieve in this new dawn, take the same approach to find solutions. The truth is that no man or woman has all the answers (even the respected authorities/gurus), but the ability to know how to find answers makes all the difference.


The advice is; whatever challenge that you will meet in 2016, be a ready student who is always keen to find out answers to help you overcome this challenge.


  1. You can start over right now

If you have any dream or goals, today is the best day to start.


Procrastination is a killer. Today is what we have, so do not fool yourself by hoping to start on another day that you are not even sure of.


Start today, time waits for nobody; I do not want to see you still broke this time next year, start today!


If you are scared of failure, then you will never achieve anything.


Stop asking yourself the question; “What if I fail?”, rather ask “What if I succeed?”, because as much as it is possible that you will fail, it is also possible that you will succeed!


Thomas J. Watson said;

“If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.”


So go ahead and start now!!


  1. And You can WIN Starting From Today

Finally, you must delete the mind-set that you are a failure, because as Zig Ziglar says;

“Failure is an event not a person”!


Last year finished on the 31st of December, this is a new year and you can re-write the history starting today and win.


Even if you lack faith in yourself, I want you to depend on my faith in your ability to change everything in your life, business and relationships starting from today.


It’s over to you now… Let’s start and make 2016 the year the year to remember.


To your success!


As usual, please leave your comments below and share with your friends if you believe they will benefit. Have a great week and speak soon.