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How to Find Happiness

How to Find Happiness

Since life began man has engaged in endless pursuit of happiness;

Some of us take to alcohol

Some to Drugs

Some took to money, women…

And the list goes on…

The common denominator here is the fact that, whatever we are pursuing today, we will find some people who have it but still lack happiness.

This brings us to the question ” how can we find happiness?”

I believe the answer is simple though not easy:


                happiness or sadness is found in whatever we focus on!


If we focus on what we don’t have… We stay unhappy.
On the other hand, if we would take time to count and focus on the blessings around us… This is where you will find happiness.

I once read a quote that said:


“happiness is not determined by what we have but by recognising what we already have.”


So this week, as we stay focused on our goals and aspirations, let us take out some time to appreciate what we have already…

Life, education, sight, friends, family, job, wife, children, the air we breath, good health, flowers, the sunshine… The list is endless!!

This is where you will find happiness…

To your success!
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