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Getting the Best Out of Yourself – Lessons from Gold Mining.

Getting the Best Out of Yourself – Lessons from Gold Mining.

Getting the Best Out of Yourself – Lessons from Gold Mining.

Getting the Best Out of Yourself – Lessons from Gold Mining.

Getting the Best Out of Yourself – Lessons from Gold Mining.


Welcome to another great week of brand new opportunities of living out your warriors and changing the world. This is one of the best times in the week for me. So many individuals and organisations are getting in touch to find out if I can be a motivational speaker or an inspirational speaker at their events lately; this is as a result of your support and encouragement. I want to thank you for spreading the word about unchained warrior. In the near future, I will make some space in my calendar to speak at few organisations so please look out for the announcements. Many of you have contacted me also via email, Facebook and Instagram and I want to thank you for the support too. This week we look at getting the best out of yourself by thinking like a miner.


Here at Unchained Warrior, we aim to unchain at least 1 billion people to live out their warrior every day so this topic around optimising human performance is very important to me. Some of us struggle with this so I want to use this simple analogy of gold mining to break it down.


Getting the best out of yourself or another person is similar to mining gold. The only difference here is that gold is a very scarce resources but every person has unique talents and seeds of greatness and there are over 6 billion of us on earth today plus a few at the international space centre. This means that everybody reading this article has something special in them which if mined, could become a great asset to both the individual and the world at large.


1.         Finding the Deposits (in you)

This is the first step in gold mining which the geologists have to do by physical and chemical characteristics analysis of the areas they are prospecting.


As per this topic of getting the best of yourself, this is the process of self-discovery where you spend need to spend some time finding out what gifts, talents and seeds of greatness that you possess. The 3 easy ways to do this are by answering these questions: What do I enjoy doing? What do people commend me about? Finally, what type of issues do people come to me for advice?


If you can answer these questions, this step is done. Make a list of these and go to the next step.

2.         Analysis of the Identified Areas

In this step, the geologists take samples of the prospected areas and analyse it further to confirm the availability of gold.


For you, this is where you look at your list from step 1 and analyse it for profitability. Remember that finding skills and talents that are not commercially viable will in no way help you in achieving greatness and in the quest for getting the best out of yourself.


Please note that your aim is to find talents that will show the best of you and not just talents that will make you a living. You want to make sure that whatever skills and talents you choose to put through to the next steps are worth the hassle.


3.         Confirm the Type of Mine

Once the amount and quality of gold deposit is worth the mining effort, the next step is to determine the type of gold mine required and any physical obstacle that could prove a challenge and any environmental impacts.


In this step, you will need to think about the skills you need for getting the best out of yourself, the strategies you will need to employ and how those skills and talents will impact the world. Remember that your returns for the effort will be determined by your impact on the world. If you impact 1000s, your reward will be in thousands but if you impact millions your reward will be in millions.


4.         Build Your Mine

Once you have completed step 3, the next step is to build your mines. The simplest mines can take up to 5 years to build because most of these mines are in the rural areas and hence there may be need to build new roads and other infrastructures required to support the mining process.


This step reminds me of the famous Chinese bamboos trees which takes 5 years to grow up to 80 feet. However, it takes nurturing and a lot of patience as it does not show any sign of growth until the 5th year where it grows to 80 feet in just 6 weeks. Getting the best out of yourself will take time, effort and patience. Keep this in mind!


5.         Mine the Gold and Confirm Processing Technique

After building your mines, the obvious next step is to mine the gold. The initial samples are analysed to determine the actual quality of the gold. This will help in determining the best processing technique for the gold.

In the process of getting the best out of yourself, this is where you are practicing and sampling the different talents you have identified to figure out the best way to make it work. At this stage you need help in the form of masterminds, mentorship and apprenticeship with the people already doing what you want to do. You will have the best chance of getting the best out of yourself if you learn and work with people who have already done this.

6.         Process Your Gold

This is the final stage; processing your gold.  The ore is first crushed and the processed using the processes determined in stage 5. The grade of ore determines the nature of processing. If it is low grade, then the processing is simpler than the processing of the higher grade ores. Some of processing is done onsite of the mine and the rest are done offsite.


For the purpose of getting the best out of yourself, this where you are brushing up and continuously improving on your skills and talents until you get to the world class level that you desire.


The level of excellence you desire will determine the amount of practice and improvement you will have to undertake. This is up to you! If you are really planning on getting the best out of yourself, I encourage you to spend more time in processing (practicing and improving) your skills and talents.


Finally, note that some of the processing is done on-site and others off-site. This means that you must think of your location. It is critical that you locate yourself in the best place the will help with your dream of getting the best out of yourself. A good example here is moving to Hollywood if you want to become a movie star.


My hope is that you have learnt a few things from this. Please write me and let me know what you think about today’s article. What will you do to about getting the best out of yourself?


Abundant blessings to you!

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