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Growing the Never Give Up Muscle

Growing the Never Give Up Muscle

Growing the Never Give Up Muscle

Growing the Never Give Up Muscle

Growing the “Never Give Up” Muscle

Warriors, it’s wonderful to be alive today and have the privilege of bringing you these messages. Hope your year is going on well. It’s almost the end of the year and I want to share this message on growing the “never give up” muscle.
Very often, I find myself in situations that seem very impossible and when I look around, the only options I can see are the “give up” options. I know this is not unique to me so I am 100% sure we all share this experience.
The truth is that most of these situations are in reality very impossible and taking the “give up” option is the most sensible thing to do.

However lately I’ve been thinking about this and now I believe that the “never give up” attitude is a muscle and therefore must be regularly exercised, if we will achieve anything significant in life.
Unfortunately, life is full of roadblocks and if we become part of the “give up” crowd we will consistently give up until we give up life itself. Please keep in the back of your mind one of my quotes; ” Roads of zero obstruction leads to destruction”
It’s hard today, there seems to be no way now. And I agree with you… You are right! But if you give up on this current situation, there is no assurance that the next situation will not be similar. The obstructions of today are simply events that will mature you into the next level of your life.
We all agree on this one; not a single success in life including technology, science and medicine came without obstacles. I do not want to go back to the history books here but you must have heard that Thomas Edison discovered electricity after 10,000 experiments.

Call to Action:

I don’t know what you’re dreaming to achieve but there is a point I want to make to you today; if your dreams have any worth, you must pursue it recognising that there will be many obstacles on the way.
Starting today, I want you to start exercising and growing your “never give up” muscle. Keep trying no matter how hard it becomes, because if you learn the habit of giving up, you will never stop giving up!!
Your dreams are big, so will your obstacles be; so resolve today to do one thing; grow your “never give up” muscle.
In the end it will be well worth it!!

Abundant blessings to you!!


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