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How to Deal With Opposition

How to Deal With Opposition

I read an interesting blog this week from the amazing Seth Godin and you can read it here.
Opposition is prevalent in life. We will all face it in one way or the other but the key thing is your response to opposition.

I have an inspirational life quotes that goes like this: “Roads of no resistance leads to destruction”.
The fact that you are facing opposition today show that you are headed somewhere significant. Good things in life are not kept on the roads and open places; they are normally hidden in places (usually with thorns and spiky stuff in the way) where only the diligent seekers will find them.

Remember, opposition occurs because people think differently and have no way of telling your “WHY” unless you tell them. Though in some cases your “WHY” will not make sense to others.

The exciting part is the point above that the opposition often highlights that you are on to something good. On the hand, it is hard to fight hard and long enough to beat the opposition.

The opposition is there for your good, listen and learn from the positive one and ignore irrelevant and destructive opposition. You must focus on the price, work on it and never ever give up!

You have no profit if you engage your oppositions, in fact that is what they want so don’t let them get it. Your mission is of higher priority to you than theirs.

Remember one of the most inspiring quotes from the great Gandhi is “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”

I know you will win, but it will only happen if you focus on your battles and not the opposition.
Go ahead and win!!