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How to Make a Difference by Learning “to do” in the Information Age

How to Make a Difference by Learning “to do” in the Information Age

Unchained Warrior - How To Make A Difference in the Information Age

Unchained Warrior – How To Make A Difference in the Information Age


We live in the greatest information age ever known to man. This week we look at how to make a difference by taking advantage of the information age.

1.      Information Age

Before I get to the point let me count a few of the blessings of the information age powered by the internet and other technological inventions:

Instant Messaging: via Yahoo, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber etc.

Search Engines: Google, Bing, Ask Jeeves etc.

Podcasts: Variety of Podcast distributed via iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher Radio etc.

On Demand Movies: Via Netflix, Amazon even the local media organisations now provide this service.

Apps: Via iTunes Store, Google etc.

And finally the email system, just to mention a few.


2.     What we do with all the Information

As a result of the information bonanza of the age, we have become insatiable.

Looking for more and more entertainment, information and all the luxuries that have become on-demand items.

An average day starts with, the alarm waking us up, that is if the notifications and alerts on smartphones permits us to sleep at all, we pick up the phone and without thinking or doing anything else;

  • We jump on the phone; check email, check instant messages, check new podcast episodes, check the news and what is happening on the internet.


  • By this time, we are confused and dis-organised for the day and quickly have a bath, breakfast (if you are not late), and off to work!


  • Lunch time or in between work we continue the quest for information and respond to messages flowing in every second.


  • Then after work, we feel like we have missed a lot and jump on the internet or smart phone and try to catch up with email, podcasts, news, instant messages, new movies, transport updates, match updates etc.


  • When we get home we spend more time doing the same as in “d” above, until we fall asleep very late almost every day trying to catch up with everything happening in our world which is impossible.

3.     The Consequence of Information Overload

As it is time consuming and impossible to catch up with a very fast moving world, 2 things happen:

  • We loose relationships, skills and miss golden opportunities because of lack of attention and time.
  • We also fail to catch up with the latest information because the world continues to move even faster every day.

I am sure that you will agree that this is a very unfortunate place to be, so the next question is……

4.     What Do We Do to Make a Difference with the Information Available?

I hope you are not feeling too back about where you are right now, especially if this resonates with you.

Remember, we are in this journey together, to become unchained warriors in life, business and relationships.

Here is what I think we should be doing right now in this information age to make a difference:


i.       Decide to live a great life and deliberately seek information that you need to design the life of your dreams.

Greatness is only achieved by people who seek it, it’s not won by lottery. It is always a result of a decision to go beyond the normal, so design the life of a warrior.

Design a life of greatness and super high performance.

ii.      You must always have goals to guide you!

Set goals that will challenge you every day to become a better version of yourself.

Write the goals down (as I always say J ), and make it SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound).

iii.       You must live intentionally: Wherever you  find yourself, whatever you are doing, ask yourself the simple question;

“What will this activity help me achieve? What will the future look like for me, if I continue with this activity?”

Closer to my goals and dreams


Nearer to the total destruction of my dreams and everything that is possible for me in life?


iv.    Finally and this is very critical; always seek information to help you for particular stages in your pursuit of greatness.

Do not attempt to catch up and this will only confuse you and put in perpetual re-start mode.

Focus on your life, dreams, goals and aspirations and ignore all other (“very good and beneficial” but) distracting information out there!

“Go for the information that you need right now!”

For example; if you are at the stage where you want to understand networking, spirituality, religion or whatever, dedicate a period of time and concentrate on the information that area only.


You can then move on to another skill, when you have acquired the current skill.

The truth is however clever you are, it is impossible to catch up with all the information of this age.


This applies to both physical and spiritual lives as well. Go one step at a time; understand one concept before you move on to the other.

v.      Last but not the least, you will surely make a difference if you can discipline yourself and invest your time wisely.

Most especially invest time in the people around you. If you are with your friends,  wife, colleagues or people important to you, give them full attention.


“Leave your phones and other distractions outside both the boardroom and the bedroom so that you can focus.”

There is time for everything. Is it the same for you? Or are you spending time chasing updates and responding to messages 24-7?


This applies to every area of our lives both spiritual and physical. Think about the people in your life while pursuing endless spiritual and physical growth.


Think about these and act on them, if you haven’t yet. Else you will find one day that you have lost all the people around you while there is still some more information to chase.


If you wish to make a difference in this information age, think about these things and apply them to your life starting from today and save your dream, goals and ambitions from the influence of information overload.


“You will make a difference  in the information age only by “learning to do” and never by “learning to learn” perpetually”


Abundant blessings to you!


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  1. SAMUEL March 9, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    Information overload is really my problem ,you know,iam having problem with learning panel beating work and thesame tyme going to fellowship.

    1. Ob Hez March 10, 2016 at 8:22 pm

      Thank you for reading visiting my blog.

      You have to balance your schedule and make time for all the important things you have to do. Don’t just go to every fellowship called but be selective and focus on how you will become a better person. Prayer and faith without work is dead.

      Abundant blessings!!

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