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How To Rise To New Heights In 2016

How To Rise To New Heights In 2016

Hope you are having a Merry Christmas. I wish you a peaceful, very happy and successful new year 2016.

As we wind down year 2015, I thought it would be great to prepare for the new year, hence I will be sharing some thoughts on how to rise up to the challenges of 2016.

Irrespective of any available predictive ability, it is certain that 2015 is full of uncertainty. Therefore, to have any hope of rising up to 2016, you must embrace uncertainty and master change.
There are 2 types of people when it comes to change:

1. People that happen to change.
2. People that change happens to.

It is a choice! What type of person would you like to be in 2016?
When you master change, you can see it coming, it doesn’t take you by surprise and you will be composed to make the best decisions and follow up with the right actions. In other words, when hard times in life, business and relationships occur, you APPEAR with solution and ability to manage it.

Permit me to use the acronym – APPEAR to discuss how best to rise up to 2015! I am sure you have listened to many motivational and inspirational speakers attempt to show you some of these things but here is some advice to help…


A – Aware

You must be aware of your environment – business, relationship and life. Go round look for information and be informed. Ignorance is a killer. Look ahead, listen to people in and outside your network and know what is happening. Keeping yourself to yourself and hoping for the best is hopelessness.

P – Prepare
When you find this information, act on it! Don’t let change happen to you, happen to change! Dig deep and find out what you would need to stay afloat if any of the possible scenarios occur.
Create your ideas and solution toolbox, itemize all the possible scenarios based on the information gathered and figure out some possible solutions.
Remember that it must not be perfect but something is better than nothing.

P – Position

This is a key part of your ability to rise up to 2016. Position yourself where there are people, organisations and colleagues who can help. No matter how good you believe you are, if you position yourself wrongly you have no chance.
Create good relationships and be sure to make it active rather than passive (only getting in touch when there is a problem). You can also position yourself by the actions you take – getting that qualification, joining that group, belonging to that mastermind… the list continues.

E – Expand

Expand your network continuously. As we go into 2016, the theory of social economy – NETWORKING, will continue to mature.
Build a network relevant to the type of outcome you want in 2016. Again be a contributor and not a parasite in the network, you will find that people always prefer to help a helper and give a giver..
If you have to pay for it… pay! Remember, you will not be spending this money but investing it so whatever it cost you, the reward will be greater.

A – Analyse

Be sure to analyse situations as they arise. Do not jump to conclusions without applying some logical thinking. Things are not normally as bad as they first appear.
Take informed actions by using concrete information to back it up. If you are prepared, then you will have a form of solution and answer to the situation, even how to handle situations where there seem not to be a solution.
A very good advice I received is to make time to read as many biographies as possible. All the situations you will ever face in life have been faced by many people in the past so take advantage of this.

R – Rise

Finally, rise! Decide to play a bigger game in 2016. It is not reserved to the “favoured and fortunate” few. No! It is possible for all of us to make this decision of step up our games to the next level and actually achieve it.

Remember, it is one life to live so make it ground-breaking.

This is to your success in 2016… rise up to 2016!!