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How to Stay Continuously on Fire About Your Dreams and Life’s Purpose

How to Stay Continuously on Fire About Your Dreams and Life’s Purpose

How to Stay Continuously on Fire About Your Dreams and Life's Purpose

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I have a very important topic to touch on today which I have called “How to Stay Continuously on Fire About Your Dreams and Life’s Purpose”.


Thank you all for the support we continue to receive on this platform which aims to unchain at least a billion warriors all over the world. It is a big ask but it is possible!


One of the questions I get often is ” How do I stay on fire/motivated 24-7 everyday about my dreams and ambitions?”


From personal experience, I know why people ask this question. Most times we hear a message and the next minute the impact starts to reduce and finally fades out until we get a similar experience again.


And we all wish that we can stay on that fire every time and accomplish much more without fear or doubt. Who wouldn’t like that?


Here is How to Stay Continuously on Fire About Your Dreams and Life’s Purpose


Let’s use this example, if you want to stay clean everyday, you would aim to bath at least once a day, wouldn’t you? Or do you wait for people around you to tell you to go and bath so they can breath some fresh air?


Here is another one I learnt from the great Zig Ziglar; you wouldn’t wait until you run out of gas/fuel in your car before you refill your tank would you? I’m sure your answer will be “No”.


We all normally keep an eye on the gauge, once it starts going low or into reserve, we go and refill else we might be stuck somewhere very far from the gas station.


Here are a few tips on Staying Continuously on Fire About Your Dreams and Life’s Purpose:



Commit to reading something motivational for at least 30 minutes a day. Early mornings are the best time to do this, while your mind is fresh and before the day’s hustle.


If for example my posts motivate you, then ensure that you read at least one everyday! That way, you will be re-filled with motivation before you run out to start your day’s work.


For some others, it will be spiritual (Holy Books), or inspirational books by other people who have pursued similar dreams and achieved it. I have some really good book recommendations at my website;


Invest some time in this and you will be amazed at the results.


Watching & Listening


We live in a fantastic time when you can watch whoever you want, any time you want with the help of online video websites like YouTube.


Whoever inspires you, be sure to watch to them every single day.


Podcasts are becoming more and more popular these days. Find podcasts with inspirational and motivational messages, subscribe to them and listen especially during your daily commute. There are plenty of powerful messages out there for free! I invite you to check out my podcast; the Unchained Warrior Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.


There are still CDs and DVDs with messages that will motivate you.


Look for some songs that are powerful too. I have read that good music re-wires your brain and puts it in a state of high creativity!


Don’t wait until you go down before doing this, please!



Personally, I enjoy walking in the woods and looking at nature in its pure state. Taking in the colours, smells of the flowers and the noise from the birds chatting to each other.


Watching little streams running its course with the trickling sound of water carrying the tiny fish with it!


For others, it may be going to a really nice estate to admire the houses and landscaping and remind yourself why the current hustle is worth it.


It may be visiting the church, temple or the mosque depending on your religion.


It’s your choice. What places inspire you? Visit the places often.



Some people; friends, family and colleagues are very inspiring and motivating while others will dampen your spirit.


Find the fire starters and spend more time with them and avoid the fire quenchers.


Motivation is one of your most precious possessions, therefore you must nurture it and defend it from attacks.


Once you loose motivation, you have no drive to achieve and life will go into auto-cruise which I call drifting.


As big dreamers and visionaries, we often have “unrealistic” sounding dreams. To stay fired up, you must look for people who have the capacity to see you become what you have dreamt to be rather than people who will make judgement on you based on your past failures.


Goethe said;

“Look at a man the way he is and he only becomes worse, but look at him as it he were what he could be, then he becomes what he should be”


Unfortunately, most people lack this capacity, so please seek out the people who have this quality just like we do here at Unchained Warrior! 🙂


Join groups of people who believe in your dream and will be there to believe for you even when your beliefs start to fade.


Finally, find a mentor to guide you on the way to the dreams, a person who will regularly push you in the right direction and regularly remind you of your commitment to the big dreams.


Finally, some kind of work can refresh help you stay on fire too.


Let’s say you dream to be a major sponsor of some children’s charity; you may find that spending some time helping out in a nursery school, children’s groups and kid’s camps will refresh your motivation.


I like gardening, because it gives me time to reconnect with myself and nature and think about the things that really matter.


There are so many other work that can have the same impact especially when the end result aligns with your life’s purpose.


This is it, Warriors, How to Stay Continuously on Fire About Your Dreams and Life’s Purpose. So take control of your motivation and stay continuously re-filled to continue the fight against mediocrity, drift and self pity.


Stay on fire!


Abundant blessings to you


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