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How to Win in 6 Steps

How to Win in 6 Steps

How to Win in 6 Steps

How to Win in 6 Steps

As we progress in the new year, I thought it will be good to share this view on winning in life, business and relationships.

Promise to share this message with your friends so they can benefit too. Thank you.

1. Know Yourself

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” — Aristotle (384-322 BC)

Who are you? Is this easy for you to say in just one sentence no matter how long?

It’s amazing how most of us live life expecting to win but spend no time giving this question a thought.

Looking back at the greats of the past, they knew who they were and made it clear to anybody willing to listen.

If you look in the holy books, at the centre of the religions, you will find that the gods and prophets had a clear description of who they were.

Do you know why? It is very easy to follow people, if you know who they are. And we only follow people who can solve a problem for us.

So starting today, answer this question for the world: who are you?

Have a go at this in the comments section of this article.

2. Choose Your Battles

Now that you have defined “YOU”, it’s time to choose your battles; the battles that you can fight as the person you have described above!  First let me make it clear here that nobody wins all the battles, so you need to choose wisely the battle you are meant to win.

We are all endowed with different talents, gifts and personalities so look for a battle that matches these gifts, choose it and then go to work on it. Be wise and not foolish, you cannot choose to win in basketball game against people over 6 feet tall when you are just 4 feet tall. You have lost before the start of the game.

You will win if you play in your areas of strength, don’t try to copy others because what they are doing is selling at the moment. No, they are winning in their areas of strength.

Your work will also sell if you play to your strength!

3. Train with Winners

To win, it is critical to commit to regular training in whatever area you seek to win in.

If you really want to win, find the winners and train with them and pick up the skills that make people win.

Remember that even Isaac Newton, the great scientist said and I paraphrase that he achieved everything by standing in the shoulders of the giants.

Who are the giants in the game you want to play? Look for them, pay their fees (yes, when you pay, you pay attention and you get what you paid for).

Pay attention, not just to the things you are being taught, look out for any other skills that you can pick up and get them.


This is because it is impossible to find anybody who can teach you all the things they know. Not because they don’t want to teach you but because they don’t know they have that knowledge. So keep your eyes wide open.

4. Have a Game Plan

If you want to win, you must plan to win with a strong belief that it is possible.

Create a strategy to amplify your skills and train your body.

Remembering that:

“If you plan to be a lion, you must train both your hands and legs to run, so that when your legs are broken, you can run with your hands”

As they say:

                     “Failing to plan is planning to fail”

So put together a game plan.


Use your game plan as guide, have many options and be ready to pivot when required. All that matters is winning in the end.

5.  Stay in your lane!

One of the rules of track games is that you stay in your lane, so if you want to win, stay in your lane and avoid foolish comparison. It is to your advantage.

If you try to run in another person’s lane, you might finish the game but you will be disqualified. It’s your choice.

Running in other people’s lanes is distraction. You need to focus on that strength of yours and work until you win.

There are many victories in your lane but only if you can focus on it relentlessly with faith, hope and perseverance that it is possible that you will win!

6. Finish the Race

To win any race you must finish the race.

This is really the hard bit, no wonder very few people win.

Remember that if winning was easy, everybody will be a winner. You have chosen to be different so commit to the race.

Feel the pain but ignore it. Feel the cramp but also ignore it. Events and people will distract you, but ignore all of them and keep your eyes on the finish line.

If you search really deep inside you, you will find strength to keep running and finish the race. It is possible!

The hardest part of any race is the last few moments in the race; when you start running out of breath, the legs feel like they are falling off, the little man inside is warning you that you are closer to death if you push more.

Switch off, ignore these and stay right there, in the race, eyes on the price which lies at the end of the race…

You are built to win! So you can win!! I am cheering for you also!!!

There you have it… Know yourself; choose your battles, train with the winners, have a game plan, stay in your lane and finish the race.

This is how winning is done..

Now it’s over to you (and me), go out there and win!!

Abundant blessings to you!

As usual, please leave your comments below and share the message with your friends if you believe they will benefit. Have a great week and speak again soon.