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It’s Your Life, Not Their Fault

It’s Your Life, Not Their Fault

Have you had set backs from events and people you have dealt with in the past? This week I want share this message which I believe will help; It’s Your Life, Not Their Fault.

It is impossible to find smooth sailing or smooth sailed life; no setbacks, no disappointments or betrayals etc. No, not at all, we all get these hurts every single day!

It may be that a trusted friend/spouse took advantage of your trust in a relationship or your parents refused to take their responsibilities. It might even be a natural disability.

So as a result of these events and people, we are not as successful as we hoped to be at this age, we are not as healthy and clean as we hoped to be and hence not enjoying life as we would have liked to.

Whichever group your life stories fall into, I want to agree with you and say; “it is wrong, unfair and disappointing.” It is ok to feel this way about these events and people because we are all human built to feel pain and disappointments.

Yes, we can have even the world itself to blame and say, it’s his fault or her fault but the simple truth is that, It’s Your Life! One life to live, remember?

It is important to repeat here that, we all have similar stories to tell about our lives.

If this is true, then you will have no excuse to take the next step I will recommend.

Here is the truth: You are the architect of your life, make it beautiful. You are the artist of your life; make it look grand! It’s in your hands today!

There so many stories of people who survived very difficult challenges in their lives and still went ahead to become great people, YOU TOO CAN DO IT!

Here are a few:

  1. Bill Gates’s first business, Traf-O-Data (a device which could read traffic tapes and process the data), failed woefully. In fact, when Bill Gates and his partner, Paul Allen, tried to sell it, the product wouldn’t even work. Today everybody knows about Microsoft.


  1. Albert Einstein the great scientist didn’t speak until he was 4 years old.



  1. Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s founding father left school at 10 because his parents couldn’t afford it. He taught himself by reading.


  1. Sir Richard Branson owner of the Virgin Group today has dyslexia hence did not do well in school. He refused to be held back by this.

You have no excuses, you have nobody to blame if you do not break through setbacks, obstacles and disappointments but yourself.

It might sound unfair or harsh to say this, but the truth is that we all have been through the same so that excuse is not strong enough to hold you and I back.

Your life is yours, and in the words of the great Les Brown; “You have greatness within you!”

Understand that greatness is within you and all you need to do is to exercise that greatness muscle to make it come out. It is your choice; greatness or failure but whichever one you choose, you are responsible!

In the end, you will not be judged by how many obstacles that held you back but by what you achieved despite all the obstacles!

So hopefully you will agree now that; It’s Your Life, not their fault.


To your success!


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