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Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action

Lights, Camera, Action Photo credit: Odyssey UK

I find movies fascinating. I have lost count of the number of movies I have watched from the black and white screens to 4d high definition and big screen cinemas.


So this week we talk about movies!


Imagine a blockbuster movie, advertised all over radio, TV and the internet. Everywhere you look, it’s being talked about just like a brand new James Bond movie and tickets are being pre-booked.


We all like the excitement of these events, the red carpets autographs by the actors etc.


To make these movies there are lots of artificial scenes and characters that are created. Actors go into character, the stage is set, graphics are used, quality cameras and cameramen are put together to make the movie. And in the end it looks great and we all want to go and watch!


However, today I want to talk about the movie that is currently showing now and has been showing for years now…. YOUR MOVIE!


This movie started when you were conceived. It started showing when the doctors were able to use the equipment to see you, and then your audience suddenly increased from the day you were born.


That movie has continued to play since then until today and it’s unbelievable how many people have seen the movie and continue to see it today.


If I asked you about the movie you are playing out in your life today, what would you say?


Do you even realise that this movie is currently showing? Or are you deceiving yourself by continuously being in preparation mode?


Here is the truth; it is playing right now… And people are watching every day!


  1. What is Your Objective?

When the actors get into their respective characters, they usually have an objective.


So the question for you becomes, what is the objective of YOUR movies that is continuously playing every day?


Is it to make a masterpiece that so many people will watch it like the blockbusters OR without objective?


Today, I want you to first recognise that YOUR movie is playing every day, hence you need to create objectives for all the scenes you play out every day.


Also understand that the movie will not play forever!


So create the objective and make it deliberate else you will continue to make a fool of yourself every day.


        2.   Do Your Research

One other thing actor do is deep and wide research on the characters they have been asked to play, to enable them portray the character in the best way.


For the objective you have chosen above; do you have a deep understanding of the character that you need to play out to achieve the objective?


Here is an example; some people want to be successful but spend zero time on studying the characters of successful people.


The question then becomes; how will you be able to act out a character you have not researched?


So, whatever you wish to achieve in your life, business and relationships; spend some time in studying the character of the people who have become successful in that area.


This is the only way you can create a blockbuster movie of that character. Be it the character of success, excellence, high performance or even becoming a legend!


           3.    Lights, Camera, Action

Now you are ready for act out the movie.


Invest time in rehearsals and give your best always, that’s what makes movies blockbusters.


Don’t forget your final preparation, getting in the mindset and believing that it is possible to act it out and make it a blockbuster.


Act the part with relentless determination and decide that you will keep doing it until you become a genius in the character.


Finally, whatever, you decide to do, remember that we all have ONE LIFE to live, one movie to make of our lives that will stop playing one day and one opportunity to create a blockbuster that will be talked about for generations to come.


What would you like to make it?


A blockbuster OR a worthless movie?


Think about this.


Abundant blessings to you.


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