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The Magic of Momentum

The Magic of Momentum

You hear about the great institutions built by great men and women both in the past and today and you ask the question, how do I build this type of organisation?

This a great question and I know you ask because you are serious about achieving your greatness.

The truth is; it is simple but not easy….

You must decide on your life goals and aspirations first. Be sure that you write it down and that you have a strong reason (what I call your “WHY”) for pursuing these.

Get a plan in place, execute with passion and continue doing it….

Now, let’s get back to momentum.

The great Zig Ziglar tells a brilliant story on the power of the pump.

The pump referred to here is the manual water pumps used to get water from deep water wells. To get water up from the depths, you must keep pumping and it’s really hard when you start. The deeper the well, the harder it is to get the water out, the better the quality of water you get from the well.


The secret is that you must keep pumping else the water goes back into the wells. When this happens you have to start again.

However, if you persevere, you get to a stage where the water starts coming out, and all you will need is just a gentle pump.. and water will keep flowing.

This is the magic of MOMENTUM.

What are you engaged in today in your life, business and relationship?

What actions are you taking? Do they relate to the end goal? May be you have stopped pumping because it’s taking too much time and energy to achieve your goals…


If yes..I urge you to go back to work and refuse to give up… Keep pushing until you hit the magic of momentum! As soon as you do.. the rest will be easier than you can imagine.

Stay fired up, keep taking action and stay focused.. Always keep your eyes on the goal

Don’t give up when you are about to hit the magic spot.

To your success.

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