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The Only Thing That Matters in Your Life

The Only Thing That Matters in Your Life

This week let’s talk about the only things that matters… Looking at the real meaning of life, happiness, achievement and legacy and what it means in real terms.

Growing up as little boy, I had very big dreams, one of which was to become a company director. So aged 13, I bought my first shares with my pocket-money while others were buying trainers and so on.

I had read somewhere that if you bought shares in the company early, then as time goes on and the company grows you may be able to buy a lot more and that way become majority shareholder and then own the company.

That seemed like a great idea to me

As I grew older, I began to think of a profession and thought that being a doctor will be great! They have prestige in the society and are well-respected. So I started studying hard on the subjects I needed to pass to qualify to study medicine.

There are many more but let me stop there and go to the point I want to make.

In my first choice; I wanted to be a director and own a big company but as a child I had no idea what that meant but all I could see was the respect I could get from the society and not if that was the thing that I really wanted to be.

In the dream of being a doctor I saw the same thing but never for once did I think about the fact that I do not like the sight of blood or even listening to sad stories from patients who I know that they may not make it.

The key point here is that I was a child and the dreams were flawed because it was not based on what really matters and who I really want to be.

So here is my word for you today:

  1. Identify Your Purpose

It is necessary that you find out what you are made for because every human being is made for a purpose just like every other thing ever made.


Search deep and base it on what inspires or disgusts you as this is a clear sign of your calling. Dig deeper and remove people’s perception, respect and privileges from your reasons.


Don’t even consider that nobody has ever done it because this could be your mission and that change has waited for your attention since the world began. Do it or it will never be done and we all loose from the benefits it may have provided.


The great men and women of the world are people who instead of following the status quo, created a vision of the life they want and worked to achieve it.


If there is one thing you must not do; it is dying with your dreams inside you!


  1. Create a Plan and Work it

Big dreams require big plans so you must create one and put dates on it.


Remember that plans can never be accurate so also build this fact in to your plan and always listen to your inner voice and let it guide you!


To achieve what really matters, it will demand everything in you because this is a journey of achieving what really matters; efforts used elsewhere will be on things that will not really matter. So you want to use your efforts wisely only on things that really matter.


Relentlessly work on your plan and refuse to be distracted.


  1. Re-Assess Your “What Really Matters”

The stories I told above and what I am doing right now is a good example.


Gradually, those early dreams and visions have changed to what really matters to me right now; which is doing all I can to encourage, empower and inspire people all over the world to follow their purpose and grow the seeds of greatness that we all have inside us.


So I urge you today to look hard and find out what really matters, I have no doubt that yours is different but it’s your job to find it.


Find that thing; that change you have hoped for, that lifestyle that will affect many others positively, that service that will make a difference in this world and the thing that you would like to be remembered for – your legacy!

This is what really matters in your life, not the fame of today and all the things that pass by so quickly.


To your success!


As usual, please leave your comments below and share with your friends if you believe they will benefit. Have a great week and speak soon.

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  1. Organic GardnrPodcst November 13, 2015 at 9:06 pm

    Thanks for sharing this. I think a lot of us feel that way. We like the success that comes with something before we realize what it really entails. I try to always remember “be careful what you wish for you just might get it.” I like the way you really nail finding your purpose and vision:~))

    1. Ob Hez March 17, 2016 at 9:56 pm

      Thank you so much Jackie. Your help and support is much appreciated.

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