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Personal Development Lessons from the Gardener

Personal Development Lessons from the Gardener

The picture above was taken at a famous castle in the UK which receives millions of visitors every year; to me it is rather a beautiful work of art. Even though it has flowers and other plants which grow naturally, but plenty of effort has been put in to make the garden look this good.

This article was born from my admiration of this picture.  This must be the work of some well-trained gardeners who have spent time training, learning and gaining experience over the years.

After passing the hoops of getting this job, they must have spent time designing this garden meticulously and then went to work on it; selecting the best and the healthiest of plants of the right species, obtained the right soil and some form of fertiliser to help the plants grow…

Finally, they take time everyday nurturing it to make sure that no pests or deficiency of any sort bothers the plants…. And today, here you have it; a beautiful garden that is joy to behold!

And then I thought what if we apply these same steps to personal development both in our lives and jobs/business?

Surely it may be possible to achieve this level of perfection.


In our personal lives:

What if we start by seeking knowledge to understand life itself?

What if we take some time to design the dream life we seek?

What if we look for mentors who can train us to achieve our goals and dreams?

What if we decide to get up today and go and apply the knowledge we have acquired and build up some experience irrespective of fear of failure?

What if we refuse to give up until we have an opportunity to live our dreams?

What if we go to work on our dreams with all our strength and dedication?

What if we take some time to weed out the bad relationships and habits in our lives today that are sabotaging our dreams?

What if we continue to relentlessly seek ways in which we can acquire more knowledge to maintain healthy growth in all areas of life?

What if we learn to take time to appreciate and celebrate the achievements from the past, big or small?


In our jobs/business:

What if we work hard to acquire knowledge and education in our areas of work or business so we are able to provide more value to the organisation?

What if we design our work/business goals and objectives today?

What if we seek help from mentors who have achieved the level of success we want in the profession or business?

What if we decide today to apply all the skills and knowledge we have by working hard in our areas of work/business?

What if we ignore all the fear and discouragements holding us back and are bold enough to pursue very big dreams?

What if we work to create the network and relationships that we require to achieve success in our jobs and business?

What if we guard our goals and objectives by cutting all relationships that put our jobs or business at risk?

What if we persevere and become consistent and deliberate when it comes to the work required to help us achieve our dreams?

What if we take some time to celebrate little goals and milestones achieved on our way to the big goals?

What if we commit to constantly seeking knowledge to step up our game every day?


I thought these questions might help us all get the best out of this week and the rest of the year. Please share this with your friends, thank you.

To your success!