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The Power of Encouragement

The Power of Encouragement

This week we look at the power of encouragement and the difference it can make in your relationship, business and life.

Naturally, we are built to carry on doing whatever we do daily once we get used to it. This is true in our work places, relationships, businesses and life generally.


For example, we expect the police to their job of securing lives and property because after all, they are paid to that job. We think the same of the people in high places in government and also the bin man.


All these people are expected to do their duties to make our lives easy to allow us do what we do; in most cases go to work and look after our families.


This story may not fit exactly to your scenario or lifestyle today but generally this is the trend.


Irrespective of how much we are paid, you will find that nothing is as uplifting as being told how important the job we do is to the people we serve.


This is the Power of Encouragement!


It empowers people to do more, it makes the pain easier to bear and shows us that we deliver important service to the people we serve.


I know you may be asking; but they are paid to do their job…. But let’s go back to the bin man we spoke about earlier; What if nobody accepts the job as a bin man? Would you be happy to do it yourself? Or would the money you pay them dispose the bin for you?


Now you can begin to understand where I am coming from. If nobody does the job; the bins are left which could then cause an epidemic.


This is why I want us to spend some time this week to encourage the people around us; by telling them how much we appreciate the things they do for us.


Tell your employees how amazing they are and how grateful you are for the work they are doing for you. So many researches carried out in the past have shown that lack of encouragement through appreciation of work done from the employers is this biggest source of frustration.


Tell your spouse that you see how hard they work for the family and thank them for it. Don’t assume that they are ok doing what they do; make it clear to them that they are doing an excellent job. Don’t wait until there is a problem before buying those flowers and appreciating them.


Look around you and find people doing some work around, walk to them and tell them how their effort is helping others. That may be the first time anybody has said that to them, I will leave you to imagine how great you would feel if that was you!


Watch out for the change this will make in these people’s lives….. They will be happier, they will do much more. Productivity will increase and they will be motivated to work even harder.


This is the power of encouragement; make it a part of your everyday life.

To your success


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