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Protecting Yourself from Yourself Everyday

Protecting Yourself from Yourself Everyday

The Hero of your success is you

Protecting Yourself from Yourself Everyday

Protecting Yourself from Yourself Everyday

Warriors, thank you for staying with me on this blog. Each time I put out an article many of you read it. This means a lot to me and I shall never take it for granted. My hope is that for all the things I learn and teach on this platform, that you will not only read it but also practice it to become a totally unchained warrior you were created to be. Today, I would like to talk to you about “protecting yourself from yourself everyday”.


For every one of us, especially those who are attracted to this type of articles; we have big dreams, goals and ambitions set before us and achieving them will make our lives worthwhile in the end. This I believe is our common ground. However the big question is, how far can we go if we choose to achieve it all by ourselves? How will we fair, if we plan to dream it, work for it and achieve it, all by ourselves? To date I have read many autobiographies and one recurring fact is that all these great men and women did not achieve their dreams all by themselves. No! They had people around them to help them achieve all these.


This then brings me back to the topic of today which is; protecting yourself from yourself every day. For most of us, the plan is to go to a corner and study and practice and continue working hard in the chosen careers so that soon we will achieve all our dreams and greatness. History tells me that this does not work because all of us need to protect ourselves from ourselves.

I am assuming here that you have created your goals so let’s look at how we can protect ourselves from ourselves in order to achieve the big dreams:

1. Create Plan and Use Technology to Protect Yourself

As human beings we can only achieve our best when we have a clear plan of what it is we want to achieve. So ensure that you have a plan to work towards.

Write these plans down and use the modern technology to set reminders and track progress. If you don’t do this, here is what “yourself” will do to you; you come to the end of the day and you are extremely tired so you go to bed and sleep until you have had enough, may be wake at 11am because your body wants to rest for as long as you can afford it.

While you are doing this other people who have a plan would have already put in 4-5 hours in the day and achieved so much.

So this is number one way to protect yourself; have a plan and use technology to remind, support and keep you on track to your dreams and greatness.


2. Invest In Continuous and Never Ending Improvement


This concept was made popular by the great Tony Robbins and very similar to the Continuous Improvement concept of the popular Japanese car maker, Toyota.

In the field you find yourself today, where do you see yourself? As the guru, student or expert? The truth is, no matter where you see yourself, the mark of a great man or woman is the zeal for continuous learning especially in this age of uncontrollably fast change.


A genius stops being a genius when he realises that he knows everything! Have this at the back of your mind every day. Never see yourself as a person that has nothing more to learn, this is the moment you will start to fail.


This is one of the main reasons why most people do not achieve much; we go to school, work really hard and get the certificate and then we stop studying to expand our minds. Whatever education you have had should just be in preparation of the life long quest for knowledge because knowledge expires. Somethings that were true just 2 months ago are no longer true how much more knowledge from 2 years ago?


So warriors, protect yourself from yourself by refusing to accept the thoughts that you know more than everybody and therefore have nothing new to learn.


Today, go and find books, videos, podcasts and material and continue to expand your knowledge no matter what level you find yourself today. I cannot begin to tell you what this simple tip has done for me. Give it a go and let me know.


3. Get a mentor who has been there and done it!


I have written on this power of mentorship so many times, the reason is because I really want everybody that reads my work to understand the power of having a mentor and its ability to totally change the direction of your future achievements. Remember, we are talking about protecting yourself from yourself and this is one way most of us harm ourselves by believing that we are all knowing, wise and self-sufficient.

One of my favourite mentors said these 2 things and I have held on these since then:

  1. It is hard to see yourself in the frame if you are in the picture.
  2. Ask for help, not because you are weak but because you want to stay strong.

This must not be a formal arrangement but can include watching the videos and reading the works of the people you dream to become. However, if possible go out there and find the people who have travelled the roads and achieved success in the areas you are interested in and engage them to help you in your own journey.

It will be really foolish to choose to travel a road full of dangers alone and make your own mistakes when you can ask for help from people who can provide some guide and the best tactics to win and achieve your dreams and greatness.

Choose the wise path, protect yourself from your help from others who are wiser and more knowledgeable and get some help else you will destroy you!


4. Embrace the Power of Masterminds


One can chase 1000 and two can chase 10000 – The Holy Bible

It’s been said many times that you are your own best friend but this does not stand true if you have big dreams in life. With masterminds, we share ideas with other like-minded people to confirm that it will make sense before we start investing more time and money in a project.


As said above, one can chase 1000, just think about how many people a mastermind of 5 like- minded people will chase. It’s up to you but if you are serious about protecting yourself from yourself then this one is key as we all tend to see our ideas as the best which may not be true most times. Even if you think you are clever, the outcome of being part of a mastermind will blow away your normal records.


Starting from today warriors, look for 2 or more other people who are like-minded and form a mastermind, if you want me to suggest a name: Call it Unchained Warrior Mastermind. You do not have to be in the same town, country or continent these days, a tool I use is called Google Hangout with fantastic voice and picture quality and it is totally free!

If you do this, let me know and I will be happy to join your group once in a while to help bring your ideas to life. You will be shocked at the progress you will see because this is one thing that has helped me a lot.


Over to you Warriors, let’s make this happen!


Abundant blessings to you!

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