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Pushing Through The Tough and Impossible Situations

Pushing Through The Tough and Impossible Situations

Pushing Through The Tough and Impossible Situations

Pushing Through The Tough and Impossible Situations

As tough as the times are right now, let us look at pushing through the tough and impossible situations and share with you some tips that I believe will help you to not only survive the time but thrive beyond human imagination.

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My hope is that you will take this seriously and apply it to your life and business.

Here they are the 12 tips to pushing through the tough and impossible situations:

1. Be Realistic About the Situation

Warriors if you are in hell right now, the only truth that will spring you into action is the realisation that you are not in the best place.

So whatever you do, don’t live in denial. Recognise that there is a problem.

This is the place the prodigal son found himself in the parable, that pushed him to the tough decision to return home.

Alcohol, drugs and parties will only make you happy for a short while and does nothing to solve the problem.

So here is the first one, be realistic about the current situation.

2. Own the Problem 100%

This is the greatest catalyst of problem solving; when you realised that it is only “YOU” that will bring “YOU” out of the situation.

Unfortunately most of us choose to live a life of entitlement; because I am your son, daughter, father, mother, uncle, Aunty etc., it is your job (rather thank mine) to bring me out of this situation.

The truth is that nobody really owns you anything and if people decide to help it is just a bonus but they don’t owe it to you.

Have you ever thought that the people you are waiting for to lift you from the current situation may be in similar situations? Think about this.

May be this realisation will explain why you have waited for so long with no help coming from any where.

You own your problem and it is waiting for you to solve it so wake up to this truth and start taking action today!

3. Create Very Big Goal

Make your goals too big that everything you’ll have to go through to get their will be nothing compared to the glory.

Most of us have no goals and hence nothing to work towards.

As the great Zig Ziglar puts it,

“how do you hit a target that does not exist? “

If you have no target/goal in your life, you have failed already.

When you set the goals, make them big enough with very strong “whys” i.e reasons so that in tough situations you will find enough reasons in your goal to keep moving!

4. Your Investment so far Matters

Think about it, if you quit right now, you loose all the effort you have invested in life already!

Be a wise investor, especially as your life is your biggest investment, you have come a very long way to give up now.

Is it tough right now? Yes!! But look back and see how far you have come.

Today, I invite you to make the wise decision to keep pushing and make all the past huddles, hustles and hassles worth it

5. Growth Stretches

If you will grow, you will be stretched and stretching is always painful.

It’s not all negative, you are struggling, you are in pain because you are growing. When you understand this, you will feel the pain but keep moving on.

6. Tap in to the higher powers in your life.

Warriors, I don’t know what you believe in but I have strong belief that there is a higher power that can influence life situations.

Whatever/whoever it is for you, this is the time to invite and tap into that power to life you out of the current situation.

7. Research your options

Based on where you are today, what possible option do you have to change your situation?

Do your research because it is in these situations that you become vulnerable and then a prey to criminals.

What’s possible out there? Don’t be superficial, go deep in order to make informed decisions. If you ignore this, you will surely make your current situation worse.

8. Take charge of your day

Yes, this is the time to take take charge of your day and make each of the 86,400 seconds in your day count!

You may not have a proper job but there are people around you who need help and may benefit from your skills.

There a potential mentors who can guide you out of the current situation who you can go and work for free for.

There are so many skills that you can start teaching your self today.. Just search for it on Google and you will be amazed at the amount of free resources available on the subject.

In this technology ages there are no limits as to the skills you can acquire for free so go for it.

9. Stay Motivated

Don’t ever run out of motivational materials, books, CDs, music and video. You never wait till you run out of fuel before filling up your tank do? It’s the same for life.

It is in these situations that you need to stay continuously charged because most things around you will be depressing and demoralising.

10. Make time for visualisation:

Visualisation is living the future you want today through the power of the mind.

Find some quiet space and picture the future you dream of in your mind. See it as clear as possible, the more you do this the better you will become at it.

This works 100%, even though you may not agree totally with me but there is no harm in trying.

Let me know how you get on…

11. Choose Your Friends

Hang around responsible people and action takers. People who are comfortable with crazy dreams.

Stay around people who know that all things are possible to them that believe and watch the power of iron sharpens iron in action.

Get sharpened and don’t live blunt!

Remember that you are the average of the 5 people you hang around and if you run around with 9 broke people you’ll quickly become the 10th broke person.

12. Choose Your Environment

Look around you right now; what can you see? It is very hard to be positive in negative environments.

Think about inspiring locations and spend more time there. Even if it means just taking a walk round the area often, this action has a special way of igniting the fire in you and supplying abundant hope that the future of your dream is absolutely possible.

This is it for today Warriors! Have I missed anything? Feel free to leave your comments below and let me know what you think about this post.

Until the next one….

Abundant blessings to you!


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