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Resurrecting the Dreams

Resurrecting the Dreams

Resurrecting the dreams

Resurrecting the dreams Photo Courtesy: Zoopla

I would like to start by wishing all my Christian readers a happy Easter as we remember the resurrection of the Lord. I wish you a joyous celebration and many blessings.


Today, I want to speak to you about resurrecting your dreams.


Many years ago, we had some great dreams of the life achievements we hope for, impacts on lives, businesses, professions and charities to start.


For most of us at the time of the dream, we believed that all things are possible and that we are unstoppable no matter what comes our way. We looked around us and wondered why so many people are poor whereas there are endless opportunities in the world and told ourselves that nothing will stop us from breaking this chain of poverty.


We were excited to tell whoever cared to listen about our dreams and how we plan to do things better. In that period nothing else mattered than our big dreams and we couldn’t wait to turn 18 to start achieving the big things.

And then we hit 18 and some things happened to us!


Our environment, education and upbringing taught us otherwise and wiped away all the excitements and limitless beliefs. Suddenly, we accepted all the things we rejected growing up; that we are not limitless and the barrier to wealth and big dreams are actually unsurmountable.


We were taught to be afraid of the consequences of trying and the grave danger in failure. We were convinced to conform to the norm and that this is the only option.


The dreams died and we wake up every day watching ourselves gradually joining in the cycle of poverty and mediocrity, even promoting it.


Over the years, we have amassed a huge list of excuses why the current cycle and possibilities cannot be broken and ready to list them at the least prompting; the government, parents, upbringing, evil spirit, recession, weather, location, the schools and the list goes on and on.


As big dreams are never achieved without withstanding massive attacks, we have been weakened physically, psychologically and spiritually hence our dreams were also attacked and they died!



In the spirit of the season, I invite you to join me and think about these things:

Those years that we feared nothing.

Those years that failure was nothing but part of the process to achieve our goals.

The years when we felt invincible, unstoppable and limitless.

The times when we believed that we can fly!

And then take full responsibility and resurrect the dreams we had against all odds.


Feeling the fear but still going for our dreams and understanding that failures are nothing but the building blocks and the steps to the big dreams.


You are a warrior. Please resurrect those warrior dreams and start executing today. All things are possible, even your weirdest dreams, only if you will believe and take the challenge.


Have a fantastic week and abundant blessings to you!


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