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Searching for Gold in the Streets

Searching for Gold in the Streets

Searching for Gold in the streets

Searching for Gold in the streets

Searching for Gold in the Streets

Warriors, welcome to this new blog on searching for gold in the streets.

Even children understand that gold is very valuable but the wonder today is why some grown adults continue to believe that you they can pick up gold in the streets.

Join me in this journey lets break this pattern and start looking in the right places and become true unchained warriors. Please share this with your friends if you have found any value in this article and help me to reach 1 billion people all over the world.

Your Dreams

It is good to dream to be rich, achieve your dreams and even good health, that’s gold! Opportunities to be rich, achieve big in life health and relationships are called golden opportunities. The literal meaning is that they come by once in a long while and this also means that they cannot be found in the streets because we call things rare and valuable because they are scarce.

This suggests that they must be used to their fullest when they come by. The problem here is that most of us still believe you can find golden opportunities in the streets, so we continue to travel on roads to nowhere; putting in effort and getting nothing out of it and wonder why this is so.

Here is the truth, your dreams cannot be found or achieved on the streets but through deliberate effort based on well laid out goals, disciplined work ethic and a strong belief in what is possible for you.

Let’s look at what it takes to find gold….

Learning the process

Gold looks good when you wear them so since we want to look good, gold helps with that. However, most of us are more interested in the gold rather than in the process of finding it. Hence many of us are duped and sold fake gold!

We all know that gold undergoes lots of processes to achieve full refinement, so why are many thinking that there is a shortcut? If you ask the professionals in gold processing they will tell you there are no shortcuts to producing pure gold.

I do not know what your own gold is; it may be building a great organisation, buying the best car, building or buying a nice house, being of help to the needy people of the world. Whatever it is for you, it is critical that you invest time in learning the process to achieve these.

Here is my suggestion to your today. Look for teachers and become an apprentice, buy books and study the process of finding your gold, ask for help from others and commit to never ending personal, physical and spiritual improvement.

Again, if you insist on shortcuts, you will be sold fake gold.

Also, if you learn the process, it will be very easy to replicate this success in many areas of life.

Here lies the benefit of learning the process.


Owning the process

If you will find gold (i.e. Achieve your goals and dreams); it is your game, so own it 100%.

Create a plan and have solid and practical strategy which has you in the centre of it.

Unfortunately most people are duped today by fraudsters who offer to do the dirty job for them or promise to show them the shortcuts to find gold, pray and fast for them or ask them to give their money in return for bumper blessings while they sit around and do nothing whatsoever. This is equivalent to living in the dreamland or even madness.

If you will not decide to be in the centre of your search for your gold in any area of life you have chosen (personal, physical or spiritual), it will never happen. All offers by others to stand in for you will most definitely be fraudulent!

The process will involve YOU digging very deep, trying and failing which takes time, perseverance and hard work. And once you find the gold, you will need to process it thoroughly because gold does not look good raw. So don’t just stop at finding your gold.

If you will find pure gold; you must have a dream, learn the process of finding the gold and finally own the process 100%, this is the only way and the truth!

Gold will be yours if you will commit to these things else you will continue to be one of the lunatics who are searching for gold in the streets.

Warriors let it not be YOU!

Abundant blessings to you!

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