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How to Start the Success Journey

How to Start the Success Journey

In the world today, one of the most used words is success. We all want to know how achieve success so we can to start the success journey.

So we go to conferences and seminars, listen to the gurus and successful people and then try to follow their paths to achieve success.


After all, it is sweet, it means happiness, luxury and the ability to live anywhere, go anywhere and in fact total freedom!

But is the above statement true?


Here is Earl Nightingale take on success: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.”


So to start, it is crucial that we define our ideals and in this process make sure that they are worthy.

Here are a few questions that will help:


What impact will my success have on the world? And, what impact will my success have on me?

In the end, will I be proud to show my “success” to my children, grand children and great grand children?

Will the history books of my life inspire ro depress?


If you are able to ask and answer these questions, then you will be able to start the “success” journey that you will enjoy.

Else, we become another “successful” person in the world with zero satisfaction which then leads to the vices of drugs and alcohol that is destroying millions today.


So this week, I would like to share these words with you:

1. That you are unique.

2. That you are here in the world for a worthy reason.

3. That it is possible that you can be successful.

4. That it is only in finding your purpose, a worthy ideal, that the journey of success will be worth it.

5. That the joy and happiness that success bring will be possible if the succeed in achieving a worthy ideal.


Finally, this is your week, go out there and start the journey.


To your success.


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Picture credit: BBC – Totnes Castle – a Norman show of strength