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Succeeding with the Power of Focus

Succeeding with the Power of Focus

Succeeding with the power of focus

Succeeding with the power of focus (Courtesy of Wall Paper Cave)


One of the reasons why we fail in life, business and relationships is lack of focus. This week, we discuss this very important topic and what it can do for you.


The Weapons of Drift

In the world today with lots of technological innovations coming out and being upgraded monthly if not more often, it is nearly impossible not to be distracted from whatever we have chosen to accomplish.

We have the very efficient and cheap to buy smart phones with email, messaging services including text, chat and email, phone, Internet and so many apps to go with it.

So we wake up, check our phone and before you know it, 5 hours have been wasted doing what we have not planned for the day (this is assuming we had time to plan for the next day in the first place).

And then you wonder why things are not changing. Every year, your mates are moving forward leaving you behind.

Then you pray and fast and go to the different places you have been told to go to solve your problems. You spend time blaming others for hindering your progress.


The Truth About Where You Are Today

The truth is that until you take full responsibility of the life you want to live, and identify what success means to YOU, nothing will ever change.

Nobody can stop you from progressing if you plan to succeed but you need to start by deciding what success means to you, create a plan and device a strategy to achieve it.

This brings us to the power of focus. I deliberately did not go in to the power of focus because I wanted to explain what you need to focus on before I tell you about the power of focus.

Once you have something worthy to be focused on to get you the successful destination where you want to go; make a list of them and focus on these things only!


Make a list of all of them and review them many times daily but at least morning and night. Make it the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing before you sleep at night. Stick the list to your dressing mirror.


Cut pictures that represent the success you are seeking and place them where you can see them every day. Finally, make time to plan your activities for the next day and always review your progress.

It is a fact that whatever you focus on expands and everything else shrinks. Do you remember saving for a long time to buy some clothes or a car in certain colours that you thought are rare? Suddenly, everybody else has it, it looks like everybody is driving the same car in your city.

Once you focus on something, you brain will continuously start searching for that thing, this is what will happen when you decide to focus on things that will bring you success. Your brain and your mind will seek them out and make them available.

If you decide to focus on worthless things, the same thing will happen, you will get worthless results.

This is the power of focus, you either choose focus and build a great life, business or relationship with or you can do the direct opposite with it which is drift. The choice is yours!


Drift versus Focus

If you focus on nothing, there is no challenge there for your brain and mind, so you go in to a state of “drift” Drift is the single most dangerous state you can find yourself in life, business and relationships.

Drift is when you accept the natural delusion that life, business, relationships, youth and opportunities will be there forever. Drift will convince you that there is no need to do anything and make any change.


Drift will encourage you to choose fear because many people fail every day and some even died trying. Drift will encourage you to take zero responsibility of your life and always find excuses for your life’s situation!

The book “Outwitting the devil” by the great Napoleon Hill will show you more about drift!

In life, the easiest choice is DRIFT, but I invite you to choose FOCUS, if you plan to be successful in life and achieve everlasting legacy!


This is the power of focus.


Abundant blessings to you!



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