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Take Charge of Your Expectations

Take Charge of Your Expectations

This week, I will continue with my new series called “Take Charge” and look at expectations today.

Have you ever dreamed of buying a particular car in a particular colour? Have you noticed how all of a sudden, you start seeing the same car in the same colour all over the place. It gets worse when you have purchased the car.

This is a good example of the power of expectations!

In your life, your business and your relationships, what do you expect? Success, great results and love OR failure, disaster and broken relationship?

Friends, it makes a difference… Whatever you expect comes to you.

So please do me a favour today…

Expect great things. Great things will come your way.

Past events and failures do not determine future outcomes.. So clear your mind of all the trash and decide to occupy yourself with great thoughts and hence great expectations.

If you are in doubt, please try this and see… It works both in the positive and negative ways.

Please note that your expectations will only work when back by hardwork. So mix the two today and you will be amazed at the results.

Expect great things!!

To your success


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