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The 4 Most Important Truths About Being Human

The 4 Most Important Truths About Being Human

the 4 most important truths about being human

the 4 most important truths about being human

The 4 Most Important Truths About Being Human

Here at Unchained Warrior, our main aim is to inspire greatness and high performance and for this to be achieved, it will be good to understand the 4 most important truths about being human. This will enable us live out our warrior and leave a legacy in the end. Let us review them:

1. Life’s a project so will end one day

One mysterious thing about being human is that invisible shield that protects us from the truth that our lives will end one day. So we live each day like we have the next million days guaranteed.

Unfortunately, it’s not working in our favour because this truth will guide our everyday lives, business and relationships.

However, if we always remember that there will be an end to this life, and that the only thing that matters after that is legacy(not money), then our daily approach to life will be different.

So let this truth that this life will end one day inspire you to be and do the best everyday. This will help you become a better colleague, wife, son, daughter, friend, coach etc. and leave a legacy.

2. To Err is Human

You’ll make mistakes. Others will make mistakes too.  We’re all human!

Being human means that we will all make mistakes and plenty of them everyday day.

This realisation will help you to live a happier life and manage your expectations from other humans well.

I have heard many people talk about Mr or Mrs right, but is there anything like that? Even the revered master of Christianity himself said that He is not perfect how much more ordinary humans?

Know that the people around you are humans so don’t be surprised when they get it wrong because that is being human.

Recognise this, and you will be able to forgive easily and live a happier life.

3. Humans Have Mind, Body and Soul.

Every human being irrespective of beliefs have body, mind and soul.

Often we hear people talking about a balanced diet which usually refers to what we feed our bodies but we leave out our mind and soul.

Then we wonder why we have everything we need but still unhappy. This is the secret; you must invest in a balanced diet for not only the body but your mind and soul too.

Find books, listen to inspirational messages to keep your mind well nurtured and find some form of spiritual relationship for your soul.

Then and only then can you said to be on a balanced diet. The emptiness will disappear and you will find peace because:

“real peace is a result of a balanced body, mind and soul diet”

4. Humans Become Sick at Times. 

As humans, sometimes we will be sick, it’s part of life. Sometime our bodies will pick up things that can cause sickness or it can just breakdown out of tiredness.

If that is where you now, know that you will get better soon. And if you are ok, look around you for sick people and help them.

It’s easy to be frustrated when people around you are unwell, but this truth will help you to understand that sickness is actually part of being human and enable you to do the needful when people around you are sick.


These are what I believe are the 4 most important truths about being human that are critical to success and greatness and I invite you to buy these truths today.

I would really like to hear what you think about today’s article. Use the comments space below to let me know what you think. Thank you.

Abundant blessings to you!!



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