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The Delusion of the Safe Path

The Delusion of the Safe Path

The Delusion of the Safe Path

The Delusion of the Safe Path – Photo Credit – Zoopla

The Delusion of the Safe Path


Warriors, this week we look at the delusions of the safe path in life and business. You may not know this but most of us are victims of this delusion.


The Delusion of the Safe Path

Many years ago for generations that grew up in the 20th century, it was the safe path to study, excel in it and then get a good job that will take you to retirement. After retirement, it was certain that you will receive your pension and other benefits of being a pensioner. This was clearly much better than being a coal miner or a labourer somewhere in town.


In those days, there will be so many juicy job opportunities waiting for you to choose from as soon as you complete your studies. How the times have changed. The delusion of the safe path is where most people still live in today. In fact, we demand jobs from the government and curse the leaders for not providing enough jobs for the billions of young people who have had good education.


We totally ignore the fact that times have changed and wonder why it is very difficult to find a job after acquiring education.


The Reality Today

Unfortunately, it is a different ball game today. Whereas we had very few people going to school and enough jobs available in the 20th century, these days it is the other way round; so many educated people with very little job opportunities. In most countries today, there are 1000s of people applying for a single job.


This is the reality today. This brings me to the question for you today; are you living in the delusion of the safe path that said “go to school and you will get a job” OR “are you going to take a step back and see what is happening right now”?


This is a very critical realisation as we progress in the 21st century. This is our time, so we must do what the 20st century men and women did; that is looking for opportunities that matched the trend of their day.


The job market is super competitive; in fact being good at a job is no long good enough. Employers are looking for more value for their money and due to the demand for jobs; it is hard for the average person with no outstanding skills to find jobs these days.


To make the matter worse, the scientist are almost done with driverless cars and most jobs are being taken over by robots which are becoming cheaper by the day. Not to mention the threat of freelancing where you can find people to do most jobs for you online at 10% of the usual cost. Even the big employers are now struggling due to the economic crisis that seems to be cropping up here and there and the realities of capitalism.


What Should You Do Now?

My call to action for you today is to wake up to the realities of our time and decide to break out of your shell and the delusion of the safe path (even if you are gainfully employed today) and start seeking other streams of income.


I believe that today’s market is driven by the value individuals provide rather than complex philosophies and ideologies which are only good on the paper.


As I say here every day, we all have seeds of greatness inside us, it is time to dig it up and do something with it. This reminds me of the story of the master who went away and left his servants with different amounts of money to invest. Some invested the money they received but one foolish servant dug up the ground and hid his money for fear that he could loose it and the story ended with this statement “Those who have more will be given more from those who have less”.


I pray that this is not your story but this is what most of us and doing right now. Loaded with unbelievably marketable skills but operating at way below their abilities, working for people who decided to take the bull by the horns. Warriors, we are all guilty of this in some way so please join me let us wake up and use our gifts and stop being foolish with it.


My suggestion is simple; take time to look inside yourself; what skills, knowledge and talents do you have? Find a way that you can use it to provide value to as many people as possible and you will survive and succeed in these days. Else you will be drowned in the delusion of the safe path and life will be very miserable so please choose the former.


This is it today Warriors, I have promised that I will teach as I learn to ensure that we achieve the big audacious goal of unchaining 1 billion people to start living out their warriors every day.


Together we will change the world by shining lights in the areas of darkness in our life and the world and build a better future for our children and the generations of the future.


Abundant blessing to you.


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